Blu Win JR review part 2, a more in depth experience

BLU Win JR review continued:

The second day with the JR is both surprising and a little disappointing. I suspected that a 128G SD card would work and it does smoothly, no hiccups, a little slower to open things but almost negligible if you think about how much extra storage was added. The dual SIM works perfectly, I only had to figure out why my data didn’t work right away.

Until I figured out that I actually needed to tell the phone which card to use for data (this was my first dual SIM phone). Although throughout the day I’ve been browsing the internet, downloaded some apps, played Pandora to test the sound of the speaker (not bad but almost no bass so it sounds a little on the top end of the spectrum for high notes). I noticed when you lift the phone up a little the sound is better and I understand now why they have the two little bumps next to the speaker, the bumps don’t do anything when the protective cover is on.

The sound through my headphones is fine. I also took some photos, made a little video and called some people to check sound quality. Not the best I ever heard but more than acceptable, people on the other end didn’t complain. What I am surprised about is that my battery was still 78%, I took it off the charger at 8 am and it is 8:45 pm now (see the picture)


Now on the not so good stuff:

Blu JR still uses the normal SIM card (yes, the big ones and what a waste of space, clearly using their old stuff!!) luckily I had one laying around, I was expecting the micro SIMS (in such a small NEW windows phone) and could use the ones I have available for a test drive.

I expected JR to sync with internet time, it didn’t, it made me wonder why it stayed on July 1 2006 until I had to change it myself, I thought this internet syncing of date and time was included in Windows Phone 8.1?

Outdoor readability was not as good as yesterday, today the sun was blasting and it was hard to see the screen, I compared it to a Lumia 520 that I of course have laying around, and it was very similar.

Today I’ve been using the phone more so than yesterday so and one thing I realized that I missed was the double tap to wake feature. I also kept trying to hit the button in the middle on the right side as an alternative but it is not there. While I was trying to get used to waking it up by pushing the top right button I kept accidentally pushing the volume rocker (on the top left side) at the same time so I made a lot of screenshots ;).

Of course this is just me being used to my Lumia 1520’s button layout and just having to get used to the JR, but, it made me wonder why Microsoft was trying to get OEM’s to live by their standards and if that was really a bad thing? Unity across all devices can be nice, although variety is a nice thing too…. I have not made my mind up yet. ONE is a really good name though!!!


Another thing that was disappointing was that the “project to screen” feature which didn’t work without an actual USB, I kind of expected that but I was hoping for BLU to surprise me in one more way.

Just downloaded Nokia’s HERE maps, I noticed that it didn’t look as s fancy as on my 1520 due to the lack of detail(and that’s a processor issue), but it works, although I wouldn’t be surprised that all low end smart phones may have the same issue.

A little more good stuff though:

Another thing that stood out to me was “kid’s Corner” as it was pinned to the Start screen by default. This is a great feature for blocking kids from messing around with your phone, and by being pre-pinned to your HOME screen, and you can enable exactly what they can and can’t use. It’s basically like having two different profiles on your phone (one for each user)

I am sure there was more to write about but I honestly forgot. If enough things come up I will inform you. One thing kept getting into my mind as I walk around with the JR and that is the name! BLU is right, it is a junior phone.



For $89.00 you get a reliable smart phone with some restrictions (processor biggest issue) but it does what every other smart phone does, and it includes Here Maps. Although some games are unplayable to do the low ram, and it definitely doesn’t look as the higher end devices out there, on the positive side it’s SIM unlocked and carrier free, perfect for a kid and perfect as a backup phone. (Even though it uses a large SIM card)

I’ll definitely be keeping mine, that’s for sure. The battery life is really good I’m not kidding, this battery lasts forever. I only charged it once after receiving the phone, it’s been almost 36 hours later (have to admit I did not use the phone a lot today) but still, and it almost feels like my first blackberry that easily went through two days without charging

Here are some photo samples  of the Win JR 5MP camera


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