Windows phone sales could hit over 10 million by next quarter

While it would be an understatement to say that Windows Phone has gone through some rough patches, there does appear to  be some good news coming out of Microsoft’s quarterly report. The company has reported that approximately 9.3 million Lumia phones were sold within the past 3 months. This is up about 6% compared to the same quarter from the previous year.

Microsoft hasn’t broken down the specific numbers by model, but seeing how revenue from Windows Phone has gone down, it’s fair to say that they were mostly low end models such as the Lumia 530, 630, and 635, although it’s fair to keep in mind that Microsoft has also lost revenue from Nokia licensing Windows phone and they are now giving away licenses for Windows phone for $0, so there is hope for high end Windows phones, still.

Windows Phone sales could hit 10 million by the end of next quarter

If Microsoft has sold 9.3 million Lumias, then that only means that other OEMs need to sell a combined total of 700,000 for Microsoft to be selling over 10 million each quarter. Now, as I noted in my most recent Ad Duplex article other OEMs have thus far only obtained .03% of the total market.

However, if Microsoft can increase sales of their Lumias (which they almost certainly will during the holiday season), combined with a (hopefully) more broad release of the HTC One Windows, plus other OEMs, Microsoft could hit as much as 10 million or even 11 or 12 million by the next earning report.

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Ad Duplex’s monthly report for October is coming up soon, so we’ll have to wait and see how well 3rd party OEMs are doing with Windows phone, so check back for that in about a week.

Source: Microsoft

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