This is what it’s like to be at a grand opening of a Microsoft store

We covered the Microsoft store opening in the Eaton Centre mall in Toronto on November 20th, and just two days later Microsoft opened up two more stores, one in California and  one in Bethesda at the Westfield Montgomery mall in Maryland, which we covered and managed to get some great video footage of.

The mall was packed with visitors and the line ran from the store, which is situated at one apex of the Mall’s arms, down an entire arm, past the relatively quiet Apple Store, to the end of the arm, then back again, and all around a part of the other arm of the Mall.  It was an enormous crowd of hundreds of eager fans and curious customers. The countdown began and as the curtain dropped, Microsoft employees cheered and the music kicked in.  Shortly after, the store employees started a circular conga line and before I knew it I was deep in the riot of action.

For those of you interested in what it’s like to be at the front lines of a Microsoft Store opening, watch this.


Here’s some video footage of the line and just before the store opened, but it doesn’t capture the entire line, just a small portion.


Take a look at our coverage of the new Microsoft Store in downtown Toronto  which just opened at the busy Eaton Centre mall on Nov.20th.

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