Microsoft Build 2015 event sells out in an hour, 24X faster than last year’s event

Microsoft’s annual developers conference takes place this April 29th in San Francisco, and tickets were sold out in just an hour after going on sale.  This event holds quite a bit of people, and tickets cost $2095 to attend and a limited number of academic tickets go for $995, so it looks like the Windows 10 announcement played a big role in the fast sell-out.  When tickets went on sale for last year’s Build event, it took 24 hours to sell out the event.

Last year’s event was heavily focused on Windows and Windows Phone 8.1, it’s also when Cortana was first unveiled.  For those of you that remember, Microsoft also announced a flagship Widows Phone – the Lumia 930 (still the last flagship Windows Phone released).

This year is expected to be a much bigger event, obviously focusing on Windows 10 for  PCs, tablets, phones and a unified app store for all Windows devices.  Microsoft is expected to focus on their new augmented reality device HoloLens, and hopefully by then they’ll show off some more capabilities.  Timing would be perfect to learn more what effect Windows 10 will have on the Xbox One, and how the unified app store will be applied to it.

Build 2015 will likely light up the stage for what is to come, as Microsoft is set for its biggest year of software and hardware related releases.

Source: Build 2015

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