Microsoft shows the massive scale and versatility of Windows 10 in new ad

Windows 10 is a massive undertaking on Microsoft’s part as it’s set to run on practicality anything, making it the most versatile operating system in the world.  In addition to running on imbedded devices (IOT), ATMs, medical equipment, PCs, tablets, phones, 80″ Surface Hub PCs, Xbox and more, it will also share a common app store across many of these devices.

By sharing a common app store across PC, phone, tablet, and Xbox this creates a massive opportunity for developers to target hundreds of millions of users almost instantly as Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to PCs running Windows 7 and 8.1.

Microsoft has released a 75 second ad that demonstrates the massive scale of what the company is trying to achieve with Windows 10 and the personal experience it’s set to deliver.  Although it seems to be a web-only ad, it does show a message which the company looks to be embracing going forward.

This may be how the software giant positions Windows 10 going forward in the advertising department, and it’s a message we think is right for it to deliver.

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