Lumia 640 featuring digital TV and dual SIM is on its way to Brazil

Mobile World Congress is only a few weeks away and Microsoft is expected to announce some new Lumia devices at the event. Janela Tech has unveiled a document from Anatel, which is the Brazilian version of the FCC and the model of the new Lumia device listed there is the RM-109.

Further leaked information has shown us that this device is the Lumia 640 and that it’ll be a dual SIM smartphone with integrated digital television (DTV), which is a very popular feature in Brazil.

The Lumia 630 was the first Windows Phone 8.1 device to launch and it would make sense that its successor gets an unveiling at MWC early next month. There are already rumors and expectations circulating about Microsoft also announcing the Lumia 1330 and a slightly different version of the Lumia 830 at MWC.

Many people were hoping for Microsoft to unveil a flagship Lumia during the event from March 2 through the 5th, but it’s pretty much set in stone by now that it won’t be happening as it makes much more sense for a device like that to ship with Windows 10 mobile.

Source: Janela Tech via Windows Central

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