What to do when the Oppo phone cannot hear the speakerphone?

One of the many problems that users may encounter after long periods of use is that the Oppo phone cannot hear external speakers. This situation brings a lot of unpleasant experience for users: watching movies, listening to music, not speaking clearly. This is the shortage of a good clam phone.

Is there any way to overcome this situation or not? The answer is yes. Let’s find out with BC.

Oppo phones can’t hear external speakers, what’s the cause?

The reason why users face with the situation of speakerphone not working on Oppo is usually:

Oppo phone has a software conflict due to an application error because you downloaded a malicious program or uploaded a wrong ROM. Although this is also a cause of mistakes, this case is not too typical.

Oppo phone has damaged the speakerphone because the machine has “longevity”, each has been subjected to strong impacts from outside or soaked in water, exposed to toxic chemicals.

Oppo has damaged the audio IC with the same causes as the case of the speakerphone damage. This is also a common reason why applications on the device cannot emit normal sounds.

Your Oppo device cannot hear the speakerphone. What should you do?

With the error of not hearing the external speaker on Oppo, you will need the following solution to fix:

Reboot Oppo. At the same time, you also need to check applications, data, programs on your computer and uninstall those you think are not suitable for your device.

If this situation happens right after you ROM the device, there may have been an error during ROM upload. So, you need to run the software for your Oppo device again.

If the above two methods do not work as expected, you need to take the phone to a professional Oppo repair centre for the machine to be thoroughly tested. Thereby, you also know precisely the damaged parts and have timely solutions. Usually, you will need to replace the external speaker or audio IC for your Oppo.

If you are unlucky to encounter an issue where your Oppo phone cannot hear the external speaker, please go to a reputable repair centre to be tested and fixed safely. Avoid self-fixes and make the error more serious.

I hope our sharing can help you to have many exciting and relaxing experiences with your mobile phone.

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