How to Flip Websites For Instant PayPal Cash

This technique of attempting to sell web sites became certainly one of my personal favorite methods for generating massive income online. Yes there’s work incorporate, but it is not that hard and it’s even quite enjoyable carrying it out because you understand with 100per cent certainty that you’ll generate income. So how do you begin website flipping? Initial step is to find a niche. I’m sure lots of people get stuck up in niche study. Usually do not overthink this. Simply go to eBay, amazon or ClickBank to see just what products are hot-sellers and choose any certain niche. You may also sign up for as they will send you a niche every day. They will present a specific search term to focus on. The next step should be to do a keyword study to expand in your niche. You need to use the infamous Google search term device because of this. Get a hold of associated keywords having a good search on a monthly basis (about 1000 queries monthly ). Pick 15-20 associated keywords that came across these requirements.

The next step normally essential. You have to purchase a keyword-rich domain name. This will add price towards purchase and help with search engine results positioning. So it is really crucial to make use of one of the keywords for the domain name. Once you have signed up a domain to or any domain enrollment internet sites, the 4th step should be to create your content web site. Today if you do not have hosting however, you will need to setup a hosting account. You can find a lot of inexpensive hosting on the web. You can look at HostGator or Bluehost. For your content web site, you can get your template at Today after you have a template, it’s time to begin creating your content. The things I generally do is develop one article for every search term. So if you have actually 15 keywords, you will need to write 15 articles with 350 to 500 words. Do not panic if you are not an innovative blogger. Simply do your homework and find associated articles towards niche and rewrite them is likely to words. It doesn’t must be fancy. Right to the main point is always great. Today for the article, make sure your search term can be found in the title or heading of this article and really should be mentioned about three times into the article and once into the starting section and once into the heading.

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Thoughts is broken done with the information, you are able to place your articles to your website. One article per page. The very first page need to have this article of this search term into the domain name it self. I might additionally advise that you put a web link to an affiliate item pertaining to your niche. By doing this you are additionally maximizing the earnings for the buyer. Always placed AdSense on the website also for the next revenue stream.

Today get your web site up-and begin attempting to sell on online forums like or A website with original content can sell from $200 to $300 per web site. Simply do your homework very first which means you understand how much your competition are recharging for similar. Naturally, only rinse and repeat to redouble your earnings!

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