How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Video sharing has indeed become a super popular aspect of the Internet. It is a process which allows people from various parts of the world to upload video scenes or clips to a particular website on the Internet. The host will then store it on its server. Previously they used to be expensive, but as time has passed by, this whole thing has become free of cost. This concept of video sharing in the last decade was popularized by Youtube, the best website available on the Internet to upload your video.

Youtube was created in the month of February. This company is based in California and uses the flash player to display different kinds of video. People with user accounts can login to their respective Youtube pages and can upload the videos. There are several extensions which are accepted by Youtube, that include .avi, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, DivX, .FLV, .ogg and .ogv. On the other hand, Mp3 files are normal music files with extension .mp3. It is an audio storage and is played with digital audio players that support .mp3 extensions. Generally, a normal mp3 files is of 128 kbps, but some are even of 320 kbps, thus providing better quality of sound.

The recent trade which has been picked up is converting Youtube videos to .mp3 extensions. To do it, what you need to do is, check the URL from the Youtube video which you would like to be changed into an mp3 file. Now copy the actual permalink of that video within the Youtube and stick inside the site’s industry. Now see that there is an option for downloading and switching.

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Choose and select the format into which you want the conversion to happen. This may take a bit of time, but it completely depends on the file size and the dimensions of the video. Also the speed of the individual’s Internet connection is a concern for the conversion. Internet connection is a concern for the conversion. This is a general method taking place. But there are several other software packages available on the Internet which helps you with conversion of Youtube videos to mp3 music files. There are three categories in which the switching is divided into:

Conversion Of Youtube Videos To Mp3 Online

A single video can be converted to mp3 using an online service known as Dirpy. All you need to do is to copy and paste the Youtube video URL into the web form on the page of Dirpy. Click on the download link later on. The conversion as well as the download commences at that moment only. Loads of tools are also offered by Dirpy that includes an mp3 tag editor and a transcoder. Video download too takes place which is indeed quite beneficial.

Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 On Your Machine Offline

There are several applications on desktop that offer variety of features which are not provided by the services done online. Most of the application softwares are found on the internet, which need to be downloaded and installed in your computer.

Youtube To Mp3 Converter

This is free software which can be easily downloaded from the Internet. It can be easily found out just by searching with the keyword “youtube to mp3 converter download”. This freeware can be customized by the user if wished to. The program’s interface consists of seven big buttons, a few of the fields and a drop down menu.

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There is a plain text box, where the users paste the URL of the video. If you get to see the video in the title field, then download and start the work.

The process is carried on till the conversion takes place. The converted files generally do not possess any kind of errors and played freely. The whole setup is pretty simple and the converted files are generally saved under ‘My documents’ but the source of the video remains same or is retained.  What the user does over here is that, he fills the field in the optional Tags which are kept reserved for artist, title, track etc. The only disadvantage is it does not go hand in hand with the browser, thus picking up of permalink’s will be done from clipboard, thus reducing the cut-copy-paste process.

DamnVid is another Youtube downloader and mp3 converter supported by Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh systems. Videos can be directly converted into mp3 by selecting the same from the right sidebar.  In DamnVid ,it is not possible to copy the URL  directly from Youtube. Development in this regard should have to be done quickly. Also Built in Search option didn’t work out properly when tested. Developments are being made in it so that it can automatically catch any Youtube video URL opened from any web browser. All the softwares would need a minimum of 512 mp ram and would run on each and every operating system.

Bookmarklet Method Of Converting A Youtube Video To Mp3 File

It is another way of doing the conversion from video to audio. This is a bookmark taking place every time you press the bookmark sign near the address bar. This will send the current video page directly to Dirpy.  The whole process happens in a flash and the video is converted. Bookmarks have become hugely popular, but people would need to have respective plugins before inviting them to their house.

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Youtube video conversion to mp3 music files is vastly popular today. It has created a stir, suppose if there is a song that is not part of an album, you can get it on youtube and convert it to .mp3. All the points mentioned are extremely useful. But the problem is, it is for windows. If there is a need to do it for mac then- launch special Youtube converter for mac, select mp3 format as the format of the output and start the conversion. All these would guide you towards the completion of the video conversion in a corrective approach. Hence do not worry and think twice just try for it.

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