10 Reasons Microsoft’s Mac vs. PC is Wrong

Now that Windows 7 is out and PC users have embraced it full force, Microsoft has a little more to brag about. Apple used to be the team begging everyone to make the switch, with their making-it-easy guides, and commercials that made Mac users look like cool hipsters. Finally, we’re stoked to say, the tables have turned. Windows 7 borrowed a ton from OS X, and now it’s Microsoft that’s launched a site telling its users to choose a PC over a Mac (which we still don’t get–aren’t they both personal computers?). They list plenty of reasons to choose a PC, and while we respect Windows, we sooo don’t buy their list. In direct response to Microsoft, we tackle 10 of their reasons to buy a PC over a Mac.

1. Microsoft says: Manage windows more easily with Windows 7

Hold on, what? Apple invented Windows when they created the Finder back in 1984, and things have only gone uphill for Mac OS users. Windows 7 touts the fun new feature of “snapping” windows together–arranging windows side by side neatly snaps them in place, and dragging borders instantly maximizes–but this is kids stuff compared to Expose and stacks–all features Windows 7 copied directly from OS X!

2. Microsoft says: Macs can take time to learn

We’re not really sure where this point comes from, unless you’re a hardcore Windows user switching over to a Mac–then certainly, a Mac will be less familiar than Windows. We can only assume Microsoft is targeting the most casual user, who hasn’t chosen sides yet. And with programs that sync your entire life out of the box, and a file structure with clear labels, you can’t get simpler than a Mac. Microsoft, tell us, have you started hiding the C:/ drive yet?

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3. Microsoft says: Networking is easier.

Microsoft points out that you can access wireless networks in “as few as three clicks.” We’ll stop them right there. In OS X, it takes one! As we know, OS X conveniently displays a drop down of accessible networks in the status bar. Also, OS X automatically sees Windows PCs. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Windows 7.

4. Microsoft says: Manage devices more easily.

In this day and age, most of our external devices are iPods and iPhones. iTunes manages these devices and is much more stable on the Mac. What about printers, you say? Mac has been doing plug and play for ages.

5. Microsoft says: More options and color choices.

If by color choices they mean black and beige, we’ll take white and silver any day. It’s no secret that people like Macs because they look good. And you pay for the PCs that do–just Google the price of a nice Sony Vaio. Microsoft also seems to forget that you can build a Mac to spec–and damn, does it look good!

6. Microsoft says: Compatibility.

Maybe 20 years ago, but these days all files are cross compatible between Macs and PCs, including Microsoft’s own proprietary formats, like .docx, and plug-ins like Silverlight. You have to buy Word for a PC just the same as you do for a Mac!

7. Microsoft says: Easily create movies.

We’re not sure what they mean by easy, but nothing is more direct than making a movie with iMovie, which is free with every new Mac and integrates beautifully with the entire iLife suite. On a PC, we could stick with something like Adobe Premiere, but we have to pay for it!

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8. Microsoft says: Quickly find what you’re looking for.

Spotlight has been doing this for ages now. Microsoft, you seem to love taking OS X features and saying they’re a reason to use a PC! We’ll give you props for implementing them at least, even if you’re a little late to the game.

9. Microsoft says: Get quicker access to all of your stuff

Windows 7 has jump lists. Mac OS X has stacks. We’ve been dragging stuff to our dock to access it on the fly for ages, and it works great. Windows 7′s new taskbar just emulates our dock a little more. Did we mention we can drag and drop stuff there?

10. Microsoft says: Share files among multiple PCs

Hey now Microsoft, we have networks, too. And, even better, we have things like iTunes home sharing. It let’s us not only listen to music from other computers over the network, but allows us to consolidate our music libraries too, out of the box. Can you do that?

We could go on and on with what’s wrong with Microsoft’s PC vs Mac list, but it’s probably not worth wasting our breath. Really, we’re just glad it’s Microsoft that has to do the fighting back these days.

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