What Every Webmaster Needs To Know

How to choose Traffic.

It’s not necessary to.

Listen up, it’s not necessary to. Its each and every one is a scam. There are several versions of this scam, but they all produce exactly the same results, that is, you will waste your money. Now when I started off I fell for this trick as many of you could have already, or might be about to. Let me explain what you are getting. This is actually the worst possible traffic ever on the web. Its so bad mainly since the majority of it’s not even traffic.

In many instances you might be paying for some guy to place your URL into a script that pings your server and records a “hit” on your stat counter. This is not really traffic, this is just creative scripting that fakes your hits.

There are the ones that just take your finances and offer you a special “control panel” making the numbers rise each time you sign in but nothing is ever deliver to your website, not even empty data packets.

Expired domain traffic. Now this kind of traffic seller is a touch harder to find, but a legitimate one can provide several authentic junk traffic to your website as well. Now you might be getting actual visits, but they are worthless. Why? First you have to understand how this works. Bob has a domain that previously had a website attached to it, the site had back links and google search traffic, but bobs website went bust so now the domain name ends up in the hands of the traffic seller. The traffic seller takes advantage of affiliate marketing website that traffic is still coming into, but simply redirecting or forwarding it to your site. Sounds good right? Well, the challenge with this is, to ensure that the traffic seller to provide targeted traffic, they would need to maintain a GoDaddy sized database of domain names that are still pumping traffic in just about every single niche available. Now this is virtually impossible to perform and even if people did do it, it would be terribly expensive and most likely end up as an entire loss for the traffic seller. Especially, since a domain name with no actual website attached to it provides a very short lifespan. So instead, they have a few domains, and those that are closely related end up visiting your site. Essential this is off a redirect, so that someone clicked a link to access one place and ended up at yours. Most, if not completely, will click off your site at this time. Plus, for the money you will invest in this service, you are able to easily go and purchase the expired domains yourself, for a lot less and simply pay once to register the name.

Then there’s Auto-surf traffic. This is when people join up, and enter their website into this script which is basically an automatic pop-up ad machine. It shows a web site then after 30 seconds or so, it clicks completely to another, again and again. The trick was to be better over a banner exchange. As opposed to for every banner you show, one of yours gets shown, its trying to get it done with your home page. So bob clicks in and keeps the auto-surf site up and lets it search web sites in the exchange while he is out mowing the lawn, and he racks up credits so his site gets shown to others doing a similar thing, no wonder bob’s site went bust. Now generally everyone knows they are joining to this, but I have noticed some traffic sellers passing off auto-surf traffic among the other kinds.

Our advice is to stay away from traffic sellers altogether. You happen to be a lot more satisfied making use of your money on legitimate advertising and traffic generation methods, like links and such than even costing you time learning the hard way.

What’s the matter? That ad just sounds so competent, need to provide it anyway? I’m telling you, you will get burned. Ok, before you purchase, do yourself a favor. Read through their website, look for a disclaimer. Oh, you will be aware you found it simply because all say the same thing. It is incorporated in the standard traffic scam book. It will say something like,

“Your counter can’t count all the hits we send you, because our traffic is so awesome and we send a lot of it, your stat program wont have the ability to keep up.”

With the professional stat programs that include most hosting accounts in recent times, I sooo want to know where they got this magic counter that can only record their stats, it has to be amazing. That is still the biggest neon sign that says “Scam” right over the site.

Consider it, if your site counter can match 10,000 unique visitors a day why cant it match the 500 they’re selling you? Easy, your counter wont record the “hits” because it wont be receiving any.

Now allow me to guess, additionally, it said that if you need a refund, you have to dig up your server logs and imply to them, then they will be content to refund your cash right? Good. Ok, where are your server logs? Do you know? You do? Good, now pick out where the traffic your websites received came from. Ok, now differentiate between the traffic you got from them and those who originated from your legitimate back links. Do you see where I am going with this?

The traffic company assumes that you either wont know where the logs are or wont want to endure the effort. Then added to that, they are hoping that you at least got some traffic from other places to help hide what they claim they sent and what they didn’t.

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