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The work place is by far the best place to attract women. Like the work place – anywhere that you have – repeated exposure to the target – like Work, College, or joining groups that meet regularly and many other regularly visited places. Any place where you can gain some regular exposure. You’ll need to apply my tips whether it’s at work or some place else.

Ifyou don’t interact with women on the job, then – that sucks! Let’s admit it – having the ladies around (especially those happy and friendly kind) certainly makes any day better.

If you don’t work with any, no worries, there are tons of great spots to meet girls / women. Anywhere you go can be a super encounter. You can succeed using these methods at the grocery market, at the store or mall, at the bank and even at church. In fact it is the places where you interact with them regularly that works best.

As for the worst places for where to pick up girls or attract women is at the beach or when they are in a group of friends. Incidentally, I should mention that I use the words “attract women” every time I reference “where to pick up girls” for you as a mind set. In reality, you are not picking up girls – they are picking you up – after you have attracted them.

Understand that you don’t need to go to the dating sites to meet a girl. WHY GO AND PAY? I’m a well known and published Expert. Not just some self proclaimed Don Juan. Anyone that knows me will tell you the same thing. I am the real deal and I know exactly what I am talking about. I’m sharing what most people never learn in a lifetime. Sound crazy? Look around you and watch people and watch yourself change when you follow the steps and practice this art. See how much you change for the good. It’s personally important to me that get it be4cause I am doing this to help the guys that need it and this will do the trick if you follow the steps as they are laid out. Not only will you be happier when you meet the girls and get the girls but you will happier in your day to day life too.

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Women often send you a little signal. You must learn to read those “signals” because most ladies won’t give you many chances and the signals are rarely repeated if they think you aren’t interested OR WORSE, if they think you are too thick to realize it. I was blind through much of my life when it comes to me thinking I was a lady killer and that I had so many conquests, it took a long time for me to realize that I didn’t make most of those conquests. Nope. I did not conquer anyone but my self. I mastered myself as a self confident person with a need it or not attitude. In other words, I had a bit of a “I don’t care” attitude. I wasn’t some goof ball that just keeps telling her how pretty she is and I never fell all over them if you know what I mean. I believed I was cool and a bargain as a friend or a lover – in other words, anyone that was my friend was lucky to have me because I’m a true friend. And, any female that was fortunate enough to get their hands on my pride and joy – well lets just say I always knew without doubts that it was of mutual benefit and definitely not just my benefit. I knew the lady would be pleased and that kind of an attitude goes a long way. I just became this way at an early age – no one taught me more than the women that I wanted. However, it can be learned and that is what you must learn – that any woman to land you would be a lucky woman indeed. Without this attitude – you will have a more difficult time achieving the desired goal.

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Everyone wants what they can’t have and the reverse is some what true too – if it comes easy to you – do you appreciate it as much?

As we proceed I will ultimately share every secret I know in great detail. In the end, I’m going to make you an incredible and definitely limited time offer.

Understand this – what I am providing you with is not simply one secret but a formula or combination of things that show you how to get the women / girls / ladies. Mastering this also helps tremendously with most types of employment.

A way of of life for you that allows you to enjoy more and prosper more!

I have never revealed my secrets to anyone before.

We will discuss how going out with a pretty girl can get you more girls instead of having a wing man (but don’t under estimate how much a good wing man can provide). Be sure and ask me about this if I don’t go over in the training video – it works really well.


With most women you should be able to tell almost instantly if they would be interested in more – much more.

“It”requires practice. Feeling great about yourself is an important part of having a great life and I will definitely help you with this if you wish.

The best part is that you can have “it” regardless of your age, your height, your hair line of even if you have no hair –


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