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These are Dell’s best gaming laptops, in order from most powerful…
1. Alienware M17x
2. Alienware M15x
3. Studio XPS 16 (Core i7 quad core processor, 1GB Radeon video card)
4. Studio 17 (Core i7, 1GB Radeon vid card)
5. Studio 15 (Core i7, 512MB Video Card)
6. Studio 14 (Core i7, 512mb Video Card).

Dual Core and Core 2 Duo are older and thus, suck for gaming. Just get the Core i7 because it will be the fastest and you’ll be able to game on the computer for more years than with a cheaper computer. For newer games, Windows 7 is the best, for Older games, Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional which has XP Mode. In many cases a 512mb video card is enough, but a 1GB will give you more longevity with the computer.

The cheapest of those 6 computers above is the Studio 15, which starts off at $999

If you need to play some games that are mid-range in terms of graphical capabilities required, then a Dell Inspiron 14, Core i5 processor, 512MB video card will suffice, and costs $849.



Probably the best gaming laptop on the market today it’s the Hypersonic Sonic Aviator GX6.It is also probably better than the Alienware Area 51M which is somewhat more expensive. There are two reasons the Alienware is so much more popular. It has a much sharper appearance than the less sleek and bold colored Hypersonic and, unlike the Hypersonic, it is heavily advertised in numerous magazines such as the very popular PC Gamer. In addition, most people have never heard of Hypersonic. These machine both cost between $3,100 and $4,000 depending on what options you choose. There is only about $300 difference between the cost of the basic Alienware Area 51M and the Hypersonic with the more expensive being the Alienware at about $3,400. They both come standard with the standard FireWire, 1 Gigabyte of RAM, and 3.2 Giga Hertz, 800 Mega Hertz FSB. They both have options for LCD. The Alienware is about two pounds lighter than the Hypersonic. Both have the equivalent of graphics with the ATI Mobility 9600 Pro 128 Megabyte. Although they both are upgradable this can get rather expensive. If you go up ½ ” on the display size of the Alienware it costs and additional $400 but the Hypersonic comes standard with a 15″ display. These are both great computer for gaming. They both offer superior performance and they are within $300 of each other. That money only buys you a better looking physical appearance with the Alienware machine. The standard Voodoo Envy M 600 costs about $4,300 and it has all the same basic components as the Hypersonic and Alienware. The only extra feature is a wireless 802.11AB integrated which is an SD reader which you can detach and use as a portable MP3 player. The additional cost is probably due to the fact that it is available with a second hard drive. There are many options for less expensive gaming laptops. The Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2 runs about $2500 and the Alienware’s Sentia will cost you about $1,900. Because of their lower cost, they don’t offer the same high performance as the Alienware or the Hypersonic, but there lower price makes them attractive to the more casual gamers. In addition, they are great for students because they will not only provide great entertainment but they are also great for homework. Alienware’s Sentia come standard with an Extreme Graphics 2 card, 1 40 Gigabyte hard drive, 512 Megabyte of memory, a Pentium M CPU, and Windows XP. One of the more expensive upgrades that is available is a 16″ display. For the same reasons as the Alienware Sentia, the Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 is another great machine for a student. It comes standard with the NVDIA GeForce 6800 ultra, the Pentium M76 and a 40 Gigabyte hard drive. Remember that all of these less expensive gaming laptops are upgradeable but it is easy to add on so many options that soon you’ll have as much money invested as you would with the Hypersonic or Alienware Area 51. Before you upgrade any machine you should first check out their basic capabilities and see if you can live with them.

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