Start Play Kahoot Games In Your Classroom

This is a game-based platform and software that allows students to create and take “kahoots” quizzes. Each month, nearly 40 million individuals visit one of the world’s largest education websites (Keane, 2017). Kahoot quizzes may be done on almost any computer with an internet connection. Someone with a Kahoot account may create Kahoot questions.

Kahoot was designed to be user-friendly and accessible to pupils. It features a simple interface that is not language-dependent and can be used without signing in or installing anything. It is intended to engage students in social learning by requiring them to gather around a shared device and compete against one another. Kahoot encourages students to look up from their screens and engage in conversation with their classmates. It has been shown that when pupils use the platform, they feel more energetic (Zarzycka-Piskorz, 2016). Simply said, Kahoot is a versatile tool that instructors and students may utilize. Kahoot Auto Answer Bot Here

Start Play Kahoot Games In Your Classroom

What practical outcome are you trying to achieve?

To utilize Kahoot in a classroom setting, you’ll need a computer on which both students will be able to participate. This is the command center from which the quiz is administered. The first stage is for students to choose the quiz they want to take (Figure 1). The quiz will begin with a code that students may enter into a different website. Each student is permitted to play on his or her own computer or with classmates. Students should also provide their names at this point. Once everyone has submitted their name, it will be stored in the central computer, and the quiz will begin.

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Consider Figure 1, which illustrates the quiz choices that a teacher may choose from the toolbar menu in the manner of. To see a PDF version of the survey document, click here.

Students must be able to understand the question shown on the center screen and complete the task as quickly as feasible. It is accomplished via the use of a computer. Once all students have answered, the correct response is identified and points are awarded. Once the quiz is finished, the student or team with the highest score will be revealed.

There are many types of quizzes.

With Kahoot, you can create two types of question games: This question has a multiple-choice style, in which students are asked to select between two and four possible responses. Formal: Jumble is the second variation. Both of these four components must be in the proper sequence for this game to continue. This is done by choosing and dragging the different things on the screen that need to be selected.

It’s astounding how much creativity is possible within this simple framework. The teacher has complete discretion over the question and answer formats, which may include photos, illustrations, and diagrams. This is very easy, given the Kahoot’s abundance of media content. However, you should also provide your own files. Additionally, teachers may alter the amount of time students have and the number of marks they get. By changing these parameters, you can change the quiz’s mood from frantic to contemplative. Additionally, this game may be played in non-quiz mode. One is intended to encourage discussion, while the other is utilized to gather student input.

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There is yet more hidden scope that I encourage others to investigate online. There is a sizable online community of individuals interested in playing Kahoot games. Before sharing your Kahoots to others, you will preview and supervise them. This is an excellent situation for experimenting with new ideas and determining what works and what does not.

Examples of the Author’s Classroom Use

This artwork has a plethora of uses. I’ve successfully utilized it in the following ways in the classroom:

Utilize Kahoot to practice the TOEIC sections.

Kahoot is a great place to practice one part of the TOEIC test: uploading pictures is easy. The only important thing is to do is to illustrate four series of images, then make students choose the right one. Fig. 2 utilizes an animal illustration that students usually want to interact with.

The use of Kahoot in preparation for TOEIC It must be realised that things will and will change quickly with customers.

The movie Jumble is a perfect opportunity to practice your sentence construction

This is easy to construct, and beneficial for sentence structure practice. While it is somewhat limiting, there are just four questions in the quiz. Figures 3 illustrates inactive tasks.

Use Kahoot’s grammar aim for a particular figure 3 goal To see a PDF version of the survey document, click here.

What would you rather do? What kinds of courses are you searching for in the college of your choice?

This task employs the survey instrument. over and over- and otherwise — on ‘What would you rather be doing?’ or ‘How would you rather be wasting your time?’ (Figure 4). Instead of determining their own choice, students are required to debate with a classmate what the most famous response would be prior to presenting their ideas.

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Figure 4 use Kahoot in the classroom as a conversation aid


Create Kahoot Quiz By your own

Kahoot is very simple to set up, which encourages students to set up their own kahoots. My suggestion is to use class hashtags (e.g. #Freshman8) for that purpose.

Following this logic, it follows that

Kahoot can also makes it easier to use gamification for any lesson, course, or lecture you choose. Making fun quizzes provides you with various topics to base your lessons on. You can use all Kahoot quizzes for free, including this one. This ensures that you will use other educators’ Kahoot games in addition. These teachers are branded with hashtags, and there are several ESL/EFL teachers already. To build a Kahoot for educators in Japan, we might tweet about our projects using the hashtag [LTK]. This way, we can create a resource that meets most of our teaching environments and needs

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