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Persistence is my trait, and I’m also a passionate person by nature. Loved video games and Martial arts as a kid, and continued doing so and participating in while growing up. My persistence never faded and my passion for tech grew more as my sporting life slowly extinguished (for now), and of course the tech toys just got more expensive along the way.My introduction to Windows 95 ignited my love for technology and Xbox just amplified it 10 fold. I’ve been a long time Microsoft watcher, and in today’s world have become more interested than ever in what Microsoft and its competitors are up to.

Fascinated by the prospects of what cloud computing and machine learning can achieve and the fact that Microsoft still hasn’t made a real Halo Movie.

Twitter: @MrOlympia74

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Contributor/Website admin

A passionate web engineer with close to 20 years experience running and promoting web sites. I love writing and have a strong devotion to Microsoft since the Windows 3.0/DOS days. Long live Ballmer!E-mail: 

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After learning to program on a computer that ran on Vacuum Tubes, I graduated to sending boxes of hand marked cards away to be run on a central computer, and then to building a pirated copy of an Apple II+ (narrowly avoiding being arrested for buying a baggie of illegal parts). Eventually finding my career as a Scientist, medical researcher and inventor, I remained fascinated with computers and technology, incorporating them as tools and toys whenever possible into my work. I am an avid photographer, collector of space artifacts and amateur astronomer, giving talks at local schools, and writing occasionally for Earthsky.org.E-mail: 
Twitter: @TheTechDoc1

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I love tech. I’ve got a little foothold in every ecosystem and love trying out new things. Where most people think “oh, great, another update!”, I think “whoa, they added a new keyboard!”. As a matter of fact, almost every piece of software I have is in a preview state.

My relationship with Microsoft started with the Xbox, more specifically, Halo. I was never really got into the original Xbox, but when I played Halo 2 multiplayer at a friend’s house, I was instantly hooked. Despite owning over 50 PS2 games, I instantly abandoned that and dedicated my gaming to Xbox. I endured through the trials of Vista and Windows 8. I’ve stuck with Windows Phone since the beginning (I still have my Dell Venue Pro). I’m fully engrossed in the Microsoft ecosystem, from music to email, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

GamerTag: G0MEZZ34
Twitter: @j_mezz
Instagram: @j_mezz