What to do when the Oppo phone cannot hear the speakerphone?

One of the many problems that users may encounter after long periods of use is that the Oppo phone cannot hear external speakers. This situation brings a lot of unpleasant experience for users: watching movies, listening to music, not speaking clearly. This is the shortage of a good clam phone.

Is there any way to overcome this situation or not? The answer is yes. Let’s find out with BC.

Oppo phones can’t hear external speakers, what’s the cause?

The reason why users face with the situation of speakerphone not working on Oppo is usually:

Oppo phone has a software conflict due to an application error because you downloaded a malicious program or uploaded a wrong ROM. Although this is also a cause of mistakes, this case is not too typical.

Oppo phone has damaged the speakerphone because the machine has “longevity”, each has been subjected to strong impacts from outside or soaked in water, exposed to toxic chemicals.

Oppo has damaged the audio IC with the same causes as the case of the speakerphone damage. This is also a common reason why applications on the device cannot emit normal sounds.

Your Oppo device cannot hear the speakerphone. What should you do?

With the error of not hearing the external speaker on Oppo, you will need the following solution to fix:

Reboot Oppo. At the same time, you also need to check applications, data, programs on your computer and uninstall those you think are not suitable for your device.

If this situation happens right after you ROM the device, there may have been an error during ROM upload. So, you need to run the software for your Oppo device again.

If the above two methods do not work as expected, you need to take the phone to a professional Oppo repair centre for the machine to be thoroughly tested. Thereby, you also know precisely the damaged parts and have timely solutions. Usually, you will need to replace the external speaker or audio IC for your Oppo.

If you are unlucky to encounter an issue where your Oppo phone cannot hear the external speaker, please go to a reputable repair centre to be tested and fixed safely. Avoid self-fixes and make the error more serious.

I hope our sharing can help you to have many exciting and relaxing experiences with your mobile phone.

How to Crop Pictures on Your Verizon Android Smartphone

The Verizon Android smartphone takes amazing pictures that you can share directly from your phone. You may sometimes want to crop the pictures so that you get the best possible picture that you can. It is easy to crop the pictures in your Verizon Android smartphone. You just have to know where to look for it. Once you have successfully cropped one picture, you will know how to do it in the future with no problems.
Here is how to crop pictures in the Verizon Android Smartphone:

Step One: Drag the menu board up from the bottom of your Verizon Android smartphone. Look for the “Gallery” icon and touch it. This will open the files where your pictures are. This will allow you to view and edit your photos from your Verizon Android smartphone.

Step Two: You will be faced with several different folders. Choose the folder that contains the photos that you would like to crop. Touch the screen on that folder to open it up.

Step Three: When the folder opens, you will be given icons of each picture that is in your Verizon Android Smartphone. Touch the picture that you would like to crop. The picture will get bigger in size when you touch the icon.

Step Four: Touch the bottom of the screen to bring up a menu. When the menu appears, touch the “menu” option. Then touch the “more” option on the screen. This will bring up a small window. Choose “crop” from the menu. This will bring up the cropping tool.

Step Five: Place and hold your finger in the center of the crop box to move the box to the place on the picture that you want to appear. Anything highlighted will be the picture. Anything shaded out will be cut out of the picture.

Step Six: To make the picture larger or smaller, place your finger on any side or the corners of the frame. Drag the box to the position that you wish it to be in. When you are done cropping the picture, touch the “save” option at the bottom of the screen to save the new picture or discard to keep the picture as it is.

You have now successfully cropped your picture in your Verizon Android phone. There will be times that you will want to use this great feature directly from your phone to make sure the picture is exactly what you wanted it to be. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the original picture. It is in your Android as well. You will just have a better version of it to share with your friends on the internet.

The Weather Channel app for Windows Phone gets a redesign, mirrors iOS & Android experience

The Weather Channel is a very popular weather source for many Windows Phone users, and today TWC has released a major update to their free app in the Windows Phone Store.

The app has been fully redesign to match the experience the company offers on iOS and Android platforms. The redesign also comes with improved navigation and “Social Weather” that lets users report local weather conditions to improve forecasts. This feature also lets you upload weather-related photos from your phone and it keeps track of your submission history.

It’s wonderful to see a major media company such as The Weather Channel committed to Microsoft’s mobile platform. With Windows 10 just around the corner, we certainly hope to see more from the world’s #1 weather provider.

Here is the full list of changes this update (2015.204.732.3042) brings:

– Complete redesign: More beautiful & easy-to-use.

– Social Weather: Report your weather conditions to us! We’ll use the information to improve the forecast & map out what others are reporting or tracking in your area. Plus, your report will be added to your personalized weather history, so you can track your past reports. To complete your report, remember to take a photo and share it with your friends.

– Seasonal tools: Hurricane Central, Airport delays, pollen counts, and boat & beach planner

– Improved navigation: swiping right to left allows you to browse your saved locations, whereas the detailed forecasts and stories can be viewed by swiping up and down.

Click here to download The Weather Channel for Windows Phone [FREE]

Via: Windows Central

Microsoft working on a game changer to bring more apps in the Windows ecosystem

Microsoft just recently posted a job listing which has an intriguing invitation for its applicants. The invite is for them to apply for a job in which a team is working on creating something “game changing” in bringing apps to the Windows platform.  It’s a pretty well-known fact that the Windows app store lags behind the iOS and Android app stores and it looks like Microsoft is very well aware of that and has a plan.

We all know by now that Windows 10 is unifying all the Windows app stores across phones, tablets, PCs, Xbox, IOT devices and even its giant Surface Hub just unveiled recently.  Microsoft is making it very easy for developers to create universal apps for the entire Microsoft ecosystem of devices and we have heard that they are working on ways which will make it easier for developers to port iOS and Android apps to the Windows platform and vice-versa.

This is a major step in achieving proper app support and excitement from developers who will now have a massive target audience as they target the entire Windows user-base across all device types.  This in-turn is an essential part in creating a viable and healthy 3rd ecosystem which is a daunting task these days.

However, Microsoft isn’t prepared to put all its eggs in one basket and surely has a plan B in case this doesn’t pan out as expected.  Plan B has to be the enabling of Android apps to run on Windows mobile devices, but if it comes to this, it must be implemented well.

Windows 10 will be a critical release for Microsoft and lots of planning and restructuring of the company has occurred in the process of what Windows 10 is set to be.  This release is aimed to change its perception among users and developers and it will be a very interesting time for the company and the tech industry to see what unfolds but everything so far looks like they have a winner on their hands.

Check out the job posting below:

 Do you want to be the game changer in bringing more apps to Windows platform?

Our team is building next generation application platform that will change how Windows devices and services are perceived and received by our customers and developers. We are enabling an app platform that can enrich Windows in incredibly fast and efficient ways for our developers.

We are looking for a Senior Program Manager with expertise on Windows as well as competitors app platforms. Do you have experience writing apps on different platforms? Would you be able to articulate the pros and cons of each platform’s APIs, tools, documents and release process? You do not need to know every competing platform, but do need to have a deeper understanding in at least one of the competitors app platforms and associated cloud services.

We are looking for people with a ‘can-do’ mindset, great interpersonal skills, and strong technical background to back it up. You’ll need to understand the details of your features and stretch from specs, to evangelism, to design, to owning integration across groups while working closely with development, quality, and management. You will need adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to acquire new skills on-the-fly. A proven track record of defining, designing, specifying, managing, and shipping hardware/software technologies is a must. We’re focused on shipping quickly and often in a V1 environment, so we’re looking for someone who can drive and make the right things happen when plans are changing and not all the systems are in place.

Mandatory qualifications

o   Proven Program Management of complex hardware and software integration projects

o   A strong technical background and the ability to “go deep” in your feature area

o   Relentless customer focus

o   Knowledge of the app market and industry, competitors and customer needs

o   Ability and vision to anticipate future demands and competitive trends

o   The ability to partner closely with internal and external partners

o   BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related technical equivalent and 6+ years of industry experience

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status.



Microsoft’s newly released #TileArt app for Windows Phone enables really cool start screen customizations

Microsoft’s #TileArt is a new application just released and it’s a fantastic way to customize your Windows Phone start screen. You’re able to select photos in your photo gallery or photos within the #TileMe app which include some really cool Halo and Sunset Overdrive photos to customize not only your start screen, but your lock screen too.

The five main features of the app include:
•         Create your own custom tile layout
•         Upload transparent PNG images
•         Access free #TileArt Gallery
•         Customize your lock screen
•         Share home screen with your friends

tile art 3

Microsoft has partnered with TalentHouse in selecting four artists that will publish their creations to the #TileArt app gallery. Additionally if you’re interested in submitting your own art, Microsoft has launched a new competition consisting of two rounds which will run until February 24, 2015 and winners will be awarded with $1,500 and a Surface Pro 3 each.

Watch the video below to get even more ideas on what you can do with the app:

Download #TileArt from the Windows Phone Store here

Source: Lumia Conversations via Windows Central

Ordering at Starbucks with the Microsoft Band!

If you’ve taken delivery of your new MS Band, or picked one up at your local Microsoft Store, you will have received a $5 gift card from Starbucks and there’s a good reason for that. Starbucks is a launch partner for the Band, with their own dedicated App pre-installed on your new toy. Using the card is as simple as going to the Starbucks Site, opening your account or registering for a new one, adding the card to your account, and you’re all set. You can also add value to the card by credit card or PayPal, and enable an autorefill option should you wish.

“Our Motto here at MPR”

Well, I was getting a bit draggy after lunch here today, time shifted from the daylight savings time clock change and staying up late shooting the unboxing video the other day, so I decided I’d try out the Starbucks App and use my $5 on a BIG cup of coffee! Once you have registered your card, opening your Starbucks Band App will get the ball rolling automatically, so Band on wrist, I straggled out to my local Starbucks to get caffeinated! Opening the App is as simple as pressing the Power Button to wake the Band up, swiping right to the Starbucks symbol, and tapping on it.

This will open up the App which just displays your card number as a bar code. The display keeps this in screen for about 15 seconds, and given how fast the process is you might as well hold off on this until you have made your order. When my turn at the counter came, I received a couple of nice surprises. I was holding my phone and activating the camera to photogra

Did you think I was going to let you buy your coffee on MY Account?ph the process when my Barista spotted my oh so subtle banana-yellow Lumia 1020 and said:” Oh! Is that a Windows Phone? I’ve been seeing a bunch of them and I think they’re really cool.” Coming only a few weeks after the launch of the new iPhone the recognition of my Lumia was a nice indication of the increasing presence of Windows Phone here in the US.

“Yes it is.” I said, “and it is a really great phone, but the coolest thing I have is actually this.”, pointing to the MS Band on my wrist. “Oh! Is that the new Band thing? That’s so cool. We got a Memo about it today, you’re my first. Can I see it?” So a small group of curious Baristas and Customers began craning their necks to see the Band in action. “Sure”, I said, “Can I use it to pay first?”

“And He waveth His hand, and Lo!                                            Caffeine was Delivered From Bondage!”

And so I tapped the Starbucks App, the Bar Code appeared, and I turned the inside of my wrist (Yes, I’m an “Innie”, not an “Outie”) at the scanner. My Barista hit the button to activate it, it picked up my code with a discrete beep, and it was all over. Coffee paid for, people began quizzing me about the band and looking it over.

Now, ordinarily, I love being a quasi-Ambassador for most Microsoft products, but in this case,

“Is that the Large size MS Band you’re wearing?”

I was unprepared for the questioning and almost fawning over my wrist that insured. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a good-looking, ok, a GREAT-looking wrist, which leads the eye seamlessly to my large hands (Hello Ladies!), but I can’t remember the last time I was asked to trot it out for a crowd of gawking strangers with lustful longing in their eyes. OK, yes I can, but that’s the stuff I write about for another Site.

“You have no idea the risk you’re taking”

In this case, I had to struggle a bit to retain my composure and answer their questions patiently with some degree of accuracy. Didn’t these people realize I hadn’t had my daily coffee yet? This was not my most sociable hour and being besieged like those guys in the Hai Karate commercials from the 60’s was something I just wasn’t quite ready for.

But I persevered, answered their questions, and prayed my Grande Skinny Latte would arrive soon, with a large-bore IV needle so I could handle the onslaught. Sure enough, the coffee arrived, I gulped it gratefully, and strolled out of the store with the warm embrace of caffeine spreading thru my brain.

“Fantastic! But didn’t I order this with an IV?”

So there you have it. Using the Starbucks App to claim your free coffee via your new MS Band is a quick and easy process, and one that may serve as a great sign of things that may come as other companies develop Apps for the Band, making various activities and transactions as easy as this was. Just make sure you’re ready to be the center of attention for the next few weeks until this high-tech jewel become everyday.

It’s a burden, but someone has to wear it.