Online Marketing Plan

With the New Year suitable around the corner, we generally solve to enhance our behavior, health, or personal relationships. Let me tell you, you’re wasting your time. I’m OK, you’re OK. It’s our Web marketing which’s a mess.

We’ve got out-of-shape Web sites, directionless Web marketing, and we’re vanished at the search engines. It’s time to quit stressing about self-improvement and start worrying on Web marketing-improvement!

Though just about every company has distinct goals and needs, satisfy take into account these twelve objects in generating your own Web marketing blueprint for following year. Reposition the purchase to fit your own schedule in 2011.

January: Prepare a Web marketing budget. I understand, doing so is your favorite aspect: the budget. Nevertheless, once you’ve decided just how much cash you strategy on investing quarterly or monthly, choosing what to spend your marketing greenback on becomes significantly easier. You’ll also need to carve out some time for your Web marketing endeavors. Soon after all, many the following to-do’s are a lot more on time in contrast to cash.

Feb: Audit the Web site (beginner.) Frequently we’re shocked or dismayed at the material that’s on our Site: bios of ex-employees, hyperlinks to sites that no more exist, a 2001 pricelist. Devote some time screening the articles on your Site and get rid of every little thing that’s out-of-date or no more expresses who you are. Nothing at all spins off prospective partners faster in contrast to a ignored Site.

March: Audit the Site (advanced.) Assessment your visitors reports and determine if the navigation must be updated. Possibly sure parts of the site are finding many site visitors and should be further created on the home web page. If other sections or content are being disregarded they may necessity to be removed…or set up. Fill out all the Web sorts (contact, search, etc.,) and read the “coverted text” which can be seen on landing pages. Rewrite the replica that appears dated or incorrect.

April: Start reading blogs in your marketplace. Obtain a newsreader (I recommend NetNewsWire for Mac customers) or prepare a no cost consideration at Bloglines. To uncover weblogs in your marketplace you can do searches at Technorati or check out time BlogCatalog among others. Guarantee you’re reading the weblogs of your competitors and your applicants.

May: Begin your own weblog. You recognized which was coming, correct? Weblogs are starting to be an critical, possibly essential, aspect of business communications. No make any difference as large as your organization, a site can be a first class way to link with the clients…and your clients-to-be.

June: Subscribe to your competitors’ email newsletters. This is a great (normally) organic useful resource of advice that is targeted in the direction of your clientele. Shouldn’t you realize what your competitors is recommending? Perhaps they comprehend a thing you don’t! You almost certainly know quite a few of the competitors currently and can checking their Site to find if these folks offer you an email newsletter. However, one can Yahoo “your marketplace email publication” to come across some ezines which are new to you. (To also be reading the plaintiffs’ notifications likewise; you can’t realize too much regarding their business.)

July: Begin the own e-mail publication or faststart your subscriber rate. If you’re not publishing an e-mail publication you’re lacking out on among the a lot cost-effective Web marketing ways at your disposal. Use an Email Cable company (ESP) to handle the subscriber number and distribute an ezine regularly. If you’re currently publishing an e-mail e-newsletter try some new suggestions to rise your subscriber base . Supply a cost-free post for new subscribers, raffle off a prize to one subscriber each and every month, or promote on a complementary e-newsletter.

August: Troll discussion boards in your marketplace. Students have discussion boards on each topic with the sun, and definitely a couple of in your market (or your target market’s industry.) By reading posts at these dialogue boards one can get an comprehension of what potential recruits are looking for and develop solutions or services that deliver their must. By posting replies you can easily specify on your own as an specialist and create hyperlinks which drive site visitors to the Site although improving your site’s rating at the search engines!

September: Start hearing to podcasts. The New Oxford American Dictionary cited “podcast” its 2005 word of the year, so maybe you shouldn’t hold your fire right up until September earlier than you tune in. Whether or not podcasting ever turns into a component of the Web marketing, it’s essential to understand how podcasting works and how various manufacturers (such as the competition) use it. Visit the iTunes Music store or a podcast listing prefer Podcast Alley and start off sampling most podcasts. Unclear the place to start? Adam Curry’s PodFinder show (available at the iTunes Music store) specs new podcasts every episode.

October: Look at beginning your own podcast. I can’t recommend podcasting for every organization, or even a lot enterprises. I still think students have far more effective methods to communicate with prospective recruits and clients. Nonetheless, some companies could take advantage from service a podcast. Commit to memory the prospective customers, and whether or not they could be downloading music to their computer or mp3 player.

Nov: Post some of your articles to report directories. An oustanding way to increase your “findability” at the search engines is to possess a lot of high quality incoming hyperlinks. One demonstrated proceedure to do doing so is to have articles you’ve published exist on other Web sites that link to yours. To get your articles published at various Web sites check out hours report directories such as The Phantom Writers and iSnare.

December: Add give this page performance to some or nearly all of the Web site. As individuals fail from information overload, these folks depend more heavily as a recommendations of friends and family. Make this word-of-mouth advertising easier by permitting site visitors to swiftly “give this page” with a buddy or colleague. One can also involve your own marketing concept embedded in the e-mail that arrives at the close friends’ mailbox.

Numerous vital details about real estate property throughout turkey

Turkey is one of several world’s most fascinating locations, specifically you’re speaking about getaways and also vacation trips, and housing qualities. A large amount of consumers elect to live forever within Turkey, whilst others acquire the best they can out from Turkey real estate by developing a beautiful holiday vacation or vacation your home.

Probably the most well-liked token involving Turkey is this Turkish villa. Well, wouldn’t you want to personal one particular? Possessing a Turkish villa implies that a person have anything lovely as well as enjoyable to check toward through the vacations.

At the moment, immobilien Alanya is astonishingly cost-effective. The low price ranges, our prime requirement and also the wonderful potential for the area to get site visitors make the real-estate scenario within Turkey a definitely exciting a single. Should you have obtain a home around Turkey, it is possible to transform straight into a great investment by making it a trip home for rental, or perhaps by leasing against each other to folks or even the entire family seeking for brand new dwellings.

Another reason precisely why Turkey real estate is the right thing for you is this beautiful not to mention unique beach front hotel metropolis known as Alanya. Alanya is actually considered one of Turkey’s gifts as well as is perfectly found on the Mediterranean Location. That is just about the most common holiday destinations when it comes to Turkey, as a result of its Mediterranean environment, its famous value and then the awesome destinations the area gives. This helps make Real estate alanya a thrilling option for a person.

Unfamiliar guests usually see theirselves considering deciding downwards for great throughout Alanya. If you like sandy shorelines not to mention warm weather, you’ll have a quite a few options to settle on from with regards to home sorts. Right now there are private villas, trip houses and also property complexes, alongside with townhomes along with two-bedroom flats. In cases where this varied collection of houses attributes will not cause you to desire to obtain Real estate alanya, there has to be a problem with you!

If you wish to are now living in a location in which the folks are helpful and enticing; if you wish to be in the middle of breathtaking sceneries; if you value famous gifts and then you fancy first class creating meals, then you moves and acquire several Real estate Turkey.

Cell Phone Marketing and Advertising

Mobile phone Marketing is defined because the use of the mobile or cell phone medium as a implies of marketing and advertising communication or distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to consumer by means of wireless networks. A more precise definition is the fact that the using interactive wireless media to supply clients with time and place delicate, customized data that promotes items, companies and ideas, thereby producing worth for all stakeholders.

The Cellular Marketing and advertising Association (MMA) is definitely an international nonprofit association which defines “Mobile Advertising and marketing is really a group of procedures that makes it possible for organizations to speak and connect with their buyers in an interactive and related fashion by way of any mobile phone device or network.

This sort of advertising and marketing is normally known as wi-fi marketing and advertising, even so it isn’t inevitably mobile, for instance a consumer’s communications with a Net internet site from a desktop personal computer at house with signals carried more than a wireless local location network or more than a satellite network would qualify as wireless although not mobile phone communicable.

You will find of various forms of cell phone Marketing some of them are as follows;

Cellular phone Advertising and marketing by SMS: This sort of advertising became really well-liked and expanded in the mid 2000s. With all the rise of SMS (Short Message Support) in Europe and Asia, well-known organization flourished to an excellent extent. It really is mentioned that normally, SMS messages are study inside 4 minutes, generating them highly adaptable. From your last ten years, SMS has turn out to be a legitimate advertising channel in almost most parts in the world. Mobile phone advertising by utilizing SMS has increasingly prolonged rapidly in Europe and Asia as a new channel to reach the audience. At first SMS received unfavorable media coverage in numerous European countries for getting a brand new form of spam as some advertisers bought lists and sent unsolicited content material to consumer’s telephones; but, as guidelines are put in place through the cell operators, SMS has grow to be one of the most well-known department from the Mobile phone Marketing and advertising industry with numerous thousand million advertising SMS sent out each and every month all more than globally.

Mobile phone Marketing and advertising using via MMS: Cellular phone marketing through MMS consists of a timed slideshow of pictures, text, audio and movie. This kind of advertising and marketing content material is delivered by Multimedia Concept Services (MMS) but they are just for color display cell phones that are able to sending and getting regular MMS concept. In-Game Mobile phone Marketing: Within this advertising and marketing you can find basically 4 significant developments such as interactive real-time 3D video games, huge multiplayer video games and social networking video games. This exhibits a pattern towards far more multifaceted and more difficult richer sport play while within the other aspect, you’ll find the so-called casual video games which can be quite easy and quite simple to perform. Nowadays, mostly cellular phone video games these days are such informal video games and this may possibly stay so for rather a even though to come back. Some of the huge brand names and organizations are actually delivering promotional messages within cell games or sponsoring entire games to generate customer engagement and this really is recognized as cell adver-gaming or Ad-funded cell sport.

Mobile Marketing and advertising~Advertising and marketing}: these are the forms of the marketing on net pages specially intended for access by cellular gadgets can also be an solution. Numerous common websites like MSN, Google, Yahoo, along with other major cell content material providers have already been selling advertising positioning on their properties for many years currently as with the time of this creating. Even though several other advertising networks targeted on mobile phone attributes and advertisers may also be obtainable furthermore, net types on web pages may be employed to add with cell texting sources for reminders about conferences, seminars as well as other essential occasions that assume customers are not often at their personal computers.

Cellular phone marketing and advertising by using Bluetooth: These type of advertising and marketing businesses provide hotspot techniques which consist of some sort of content-management technique with a Bluetooth distribution purpose. Bluetooth technologies has the positive aspects that it’s permission-based, has higher transfer speeds and is also a radio-based technologies and without having any charges.

Cellular phone Advertising and marketing through Infrared: This imply of advertising and marketing is the oldest and limited type of Cellular phone Advertising and marketing. In late 90s several of the European companies have experimented with purchasing window marketing by cost-free Infrared waves, they are the really limited assortment and could never truly establish by itself as being a leading Cell Marketing and advertising technologies.

How to Have Successful Video Marketing

There are many ways to market your business, and the internet has changed the way we advertise our products irrevocably. In many great ways, the internet has allowed us to be more creative and do our own marketing without having to spend any extra money for expensive billboards, classified ads, yellow page ads, cable ads, and so on and so forth.
Video marketing and the internet have become two symbiotic ways to take advantage of your business and your marketing strategy to increase sales, bring in new clients, and make your company more viable in a global economy.
No matter if you are a small retail business with a main street storefront or a specialty manufacturer that makes parts for companies around the world, how you portray your business in a video is just as important as any other piece of advertising that you can do.
First you need to plan your video. Who is the video for? What needs to be shown in the video? How long should it be? Online movie trailers are great ways for people to get to know a new Hollywood production. They are no more than two minutes long. Your finished video should be about the same length unless you are making a video for purposes other than marketing what your business does.
Next you want to decide if you can have you or one of your staff make a video using a digital video camera or if you want to hire a production company to make a professional one. Search some online video websites to see some beautiful work that has been done at home and edited on a desktop computer. If anyone in your company or family is computer video savvy, they can edit your video and have it ready with very little time and effort spent on the project.
If your business sells products, display some of the products in the video. If you are a manufacturer, display some of your wares. If your manufacturing process is a trade secret, then show only some of the process.
Have some employees in the marketing video talk about what the company does. Go in everyone has been filmed and add music and other visual effects to give the video some different views and schemes.
After your video is done, post it on your company’s website to the front page. Embed keywords on the same page as your video to make it searchable to internet search engines. Create a company page on your favorite video website such as or and download your video to those websites. Have a downloadable version that prospective customers can download to their own computers.
If you or someone in your family or staff is not computer savvy, your local computer company could probably help with the technical aspects of it. And if they don’t, they will know someone who does. Even a professional production or a web design company will have knowledge of how to put your video onto a website.
However you decide to do it, a video to market your company is a good, low-cost idea to market your company through your website and over the internet without having to pay expensive advertising costs. Not only will it show prospective customers what you are about, but it will also let them know that you mean business and that you are a company in which customers will want to invest.

Evaluating Investment Tips in the Market

A lot of investment tips are in the market; the daily news papers, online advisors, family, foes and friends alike. With every investment opportunity, it is up to the individual investor to consider what area of investment and how best to carry out this activity. Some common tips are worth following though.
Investment is an area worth venturing in because it is the only sure way of securing the future not only for the investor but also for the family, friends and any other related person(s). Advantages of investing include personal security, stress alleviation, and development of ability to achieve personal goals and dreams.
Person security develops because living outside personal means does not worry a lot though a lot of care should be taken since once an investor lives outside his/her means will indicate the possibility of using the invested wealth in debt payment and thereby posing a risk to the investment.
Your personal stress will be alleviated since a lot of your wealth has been secured in some form of investment and you don’t have to be anxious about the unexpected. Investment tips will make you be able therefore to have an investment plan that will make you even happier.
To reduce the boredom of talking a lot about investment and the associated advantages, let me give you some few tips that will make you decide on where to invest in, believing that you are actually decided to undertake some investment options before you retire in life. So, would you please consider the following tips for a serious secure investment?
1. The first very important thing to consider as an investment tip is the idea of where your talent lies. A worthwhile investment plan should be able to be managed by the investor without managerial incapability. By managerial incapability I mean that the investor in not able to understand the flow of the investment option, comprehend and even understand the input output relationship on his investment terms. A person should first of all invest in the area where he has some understanding of the operation of the market, making it easier for him to plan for withdrawals and further investments in the same field without the risk of being duped.
2. You then should consider the ability you have in saving and the market offer. Your current financial and capital standing should enable you decide on where it is most profitable to put your money for future benefit. Investing in a field where it won’t be certain to have both short term and long term benefits is not worth. Up coming industry should not be rushed into, but sometimes neglecting them may mean losing a lot. One should have opened eyes so as to read the market keenly.
3. The time limit for your investment and the reap you expect from your investment plan should come in handy. There those who are interested in investing in short term plans so that they can withdraw their money and invest elsewhere; like quick savings in order to have enough to pay school fees for the children. One should be in a position to answer the question, “Why am I investing?”
4. Finally, an investor should be a person who is able to evaluate the options of investment and then decide, not only on the benefit you get from such an option but also how your investment is able to help others in the society. The times are changing whereby the most beneficial enterprises are those considered social. Social investments entail investing in areas whereby the less privileged in the society get a chance to benefit from a person’s investment plan. Someone considering optimal investment should therefore have it in mind that investing in one of the social enterprises whereby benefits accrued are shared amongst the poor in the society. These enterprises may include such areas such as green investment and energy saving schemes.
After considering the four options above, I believe that there will be a reason to put a smile on your face for you beautiful decision. Have a worthwhile investment option.

Google Goes Mobile! the New Google G1 Android Phone Review

Welcome to the era of the Android Phone! As its name implies, it is a phone with human capabilities – the latest breed of cell phone to hit the market owing to a successful collaboration between corporation giants Google and T-Mobile. Manufactured by the HTC Corporation of Taiwan, it is priced at $179 ($20 less than the Apple iPhone). Other names you might have heard for this phone are the T-Mobile G1 Android, Android Phone, G1 Phone and Google Phone. It comes in your choice of black, brown or white.The G1 Android Phone is perhaps only comparable to the Apple iPhone and uses an Android operating system. Its cutting-edge web browser and Wi-Fi connectivity affords it the upmost operating flexibility. It’s greatly enhanced capabilities allow you to download programs as well as gain easy access to your favorite websites and online services like YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Instant Messaging, Calendar and Contacts.
The Google GI employs touchscreen technology and almost conceals a Qwerty slide-out keyboard (in contrast to the virtual keyboards utilized by Apple iPhones). Data entry is a breeze for traditional keyboard users with only 6 keys, including a centered trackball which simulates mouse functions as well as five other keys for making/receiving calls and navigation.

With its touchscreen interface, you can perform almost any function possible with a conventional computer such as browsing the net and the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously. In addition it provides alerts to notify you immediately of any changes occurring in any running application such as an incoming mail, a contact coming online, a chat session being initiated or requested etc. In addition the Android Phone saves all your personal preferences across multiple web sites, online services and applications such as Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. These saved settings then become available to you whenever you access these accounts from any computer anywhere in the world.

You can never get lost with a Google G1 phone in your possession. Its GPS service can be used in Street View mode to display high precision Google maps to guide you to any location with pinpoint accuracy, made possible by combining an accelerometer with a digital compass that orients the screen according to your directional movements.

Its camera is 3-megapixels (compared to 2-megapixels in iPhones) however the Android Phone is sadly lacking in video capability which is a definitely a plus with the iPhone. It can nevertheless play YouTube clips; and download music from Amazon’s MP3 service. SMS with threaded text messaging and MMS are also available. Shopping is a delight with its camera being able to read barcodes enabling you to compare prices in advance.

Even if you lose or break your Android Phone you will never lose any valuable information since everything is already saved in your actual Google Account and can be re-accessed from anywhere in the world using any computer or another G1 phone.

You get 5 hours of talk time or 130 hours in standby mode with a freshly charged battery which although significant is considerably less than what is available with an iPhone. The 8GB expanded memory capacity of the Android Phone also lags behind the iPhone’s 16GB capacity. However the normal 1GB storage capacity of a Google Phone can be increased up to 8 GB with a microSD slot.

Having just been released into the market in October 2008 speculation is rife that the Google Android Phone is destined to surpass all records set by its predecessor the Apple iPhone. Only time will tell if this will be the case!

Testing the Waters: Mobile Application for Crowdsourced Streamflow Information

Citizen researchers always keep a careful eye on the globe’s streams, catching recurring streams in activity and filling information spaces to build a much more complete hydrologic image.

Do you hike, drive or bike by streams on your method to an area website, the workplace, or house? Are you thinking about how streams alter via the periods and yrs? If so, think about joining a growing group of folks logging stream flow information utilizing their cellphone.

There are two new jobs

  • Stream Tracker and
  • Crowd Water Tracker-concentrate on crowdsourced hydrologic sizes and both have recently released complimentary smart device apps to help with information collection around stream networks.

Stream Tracker Monitors Intermittent Streams

Streams that did not move constantly are referred as intermittent streams. In damp areas, they are the tiniest headwater streams, however in completely dry areas; also big streams could be intermittent.

The majority of stream tracking has concentrated on bigger streams that stream constantly, and we have remarkably little details on intermittent streams. Tiny streams identified on digital or topographic maps do not constantly exist on the ground, and various other streams on the ground are overlooking maps.

The stream tracker app intends to fill out this details space by integrating a network of citizen researchers, sensing units, and satellite images to monitor when and where streams circulation.

Stream Tracker concentrates on recording circulation patterns in periodic streams. The project began in April 2017 with financing from the Resident Science for Planet Systems Plan of NASA.

Stream Tracker’s objective is to enhance periodic stream mapping and tracking utilizing satellite and airplane remote noticing, in-stream sensing units, and crowdsourced monitoring of stream flow existence and lack. The crowdsourcing part is vital for comprehending periodic streams due to remote sensing offers information occasionally, and sensing unit setup is impossible. Crowdsourcing could fill out details on streamflow intermittence anyplace folks routinely check out streams- throughout a bike or hike flight or when going by while traveling.

The stream tracker app websites could be developed on any stream via the project site on the person scientific research system Suitable websites are streams which do not stream constantly, are openly obtainable, and also have an apparent network that will be very easy to see also when the stream is not streaming. Any individual could sign up for the project, develop websites in areas of passion, and also track the streams in time.

Existing individuals vary in age from primary school pupils to retired instructors and consist of not just stream professionals yet likewise individuals that have never kept an eye on streams before. Task participants could browse to the websites utilizing cellphone or GPS systems and could go into information on whether the stream is streaming via the free mobile application.

For scientists that routinely see area websites, stream monitoring is a very easy add-on to a field day. Scientists could recognize stream crossings on their path to area websites, include these places as keeping an eye on factors on Stream Tracker, and upload information after each area goes to. All Stream Tracker information is openly easily accessible with the task site.

Information regarding iPhone SE 2 release date

If you choose your iPhones to be cheaper and smaller and numerous accomplish then  you might be pleased to hear that rumors are indicating a new version of the 4in iPhone SE releasing in 2018.

Wish to know even more? In our iphone se 2rumors short article, we gather and evaluate the hints, clues and proof indicating the release day of Apple’s follow-up to the iPhone SE (that can be brewing, considered that Apple has enrolled 11 new phone versions by the EEC). In addition to the iPhone SE 2’s technical specifications, leaked pictures, design, new functions and UK prices – so you involved the best location!

iPhone SE 2 launch date

The initial iPhone SE was revealed in March 2016; however, it did not obtain a substantial upgrade in 2017 aside from a bump in storage. There are numerous rumors indicate a new version of the gadget being introduced early or fairly early in 2018.

A FocusTaiwan record in August 2017 recommended that a new iPhone SE will release in the first quarter of 2018, when another record, this moment by the Taiwanese marketing research firm Trend Force, thinks a brand-new iPhone SE 2 can be found in the initial fifty percent of 2018.

It’s feasible that the iphone se 2 might go for Apple’s WWDC occasion in June, and also this concept was supported by the revelation through the French website Consomac that the firm has enrolled a lot of new phone designs by the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission).

Version numbers A1921, A1920, A2097, A1984, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2104, A2103, A2106 and A2105 have all been contributed to the EEC data source, and none relate to offered iPhones. They are detailed as gadgets running iphone 11.

Additionally, a record from a Chinese site at the conclusion of February 2018 recommended that the iPhone SE2 (by a 4.2 in display – much more on that particular below) may release at WWDC. There are a few reasons this might not occur, but:

Apple hasn’t offered an iPhone at WWDC because June 2010 and we believe it will be an uncommon suitable for Apple to launch a new variation of its entry-level phone at that program;

Apple is stated to be working with three new full-screen mobiles because of launch in September – among that is rumored to be a lower-cost choice, making it not likely that a less expensive iPhone SE will be introduced a few months earlier.

WWDC is a designer seminar with a specific concentrate on software and premium items instead of entry-level tools.

The substantial upgrade to the iPhone SE might not come until September if expert Ming-Chi Kuo is appropriate. He thinks that together with updates to the apple iphone X and also a larger variety of that full-screen iPhone by an OLED display, Apple will certainly introduce a less expensive full-screen apple iphone by a 6.1 in LCD. It could be a real follower of the iPhone SE.

World blockade to combat COVID-19

Many countries in Asia, Europe and America have taken measures to blockade, close borders or apply curfew to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

Yesterday, March 17, the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Philippine Banking Association announced to stop trading bonds, securities and currencies until having new notices, becoming the first country to close the financial market to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, according to Reuters.

Restricted travel, curfew

The announcement came a day after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte required nearly 55 million people on the main island of Luzon, including the capital Manila, to stay home for a month. The Luzon blockade order, effective March 17, does not allow people to work or use public transportation.

Mr. Duterte warned those who combat the blockade order would be arrested. However, the new measure still allows people to leave home to buy supplies and go to work in some fields, according to AFP.

In Malaysia, the government will begin to take a partial blockade from March 18 to 31, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP). Specifically, Malaysian citizens will be banned from traveling abroad and all companies will be closed, except for food and staple stores. Visitors are restricted from entry into Malaysia, but foreigners are still allowed to leave the country.

On March 16, French President Emmanuel Macron called on people to stay home for 15 days from March 17, except to go buy food, go to work or see a doctor. People who violate this travel restriction order will be fined up to 135 euros (3.5 million). The government will deploy 100,000 police, set up checkpoints to enforce travel restrictions. Meanwhile, the military will mobilize support troops to take COVID-19 patients to the hospital.

In the US, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that since the evening of March 16, all unnecessary retail and entertainment activities in the state were closed after 20 hours. Unnecessary and non-emergency travel is also limited from 8 pm to 5 am the next morning, according to Reuters. Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vazquez asked all residents to stay indoors 24/7 until March 30. This is the first US territory to apply drastic anti-COVID-19 measures, according to AFP.

In Ecuador, President Lenin Moreno announced that he would impose a curfew order from the evening of March 17 and suspend most normal activities.

Close the border

Also from yesterday, the EU closed the border to the rest of the world for 30 days. The decision was made by European leaders on the morning of March 16. Under the ban, the exempted subjects are people who work in the fields of medicine and science related to COVID-19.

In Latin America, Colombian President Ivan Duque said this country closed the border on March 17, which could last until May 30, according to Reuters.

TASS also yesterday reported that Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decision to impose a ban on entry to foreign nationals and non-nationals from March 18 to May 1. The ban does not apply to diplomatic staff, members of official delegations, holders of diplomatic passports and some other subjects.

Similarly, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday announced they would close the border to non-citizens or permanent residents of the country. However, Mr. Trudeau said that US citizens, diplomats, and some other subjects are exempt from the ban, according to SCMP.

Last month, a North Korean health official told Choson Sinbo or the government of this country would maintain a ban on entry to foreigners until COVID-19 disease could be diagnosed, treated and cured in the right way.

The New York Stock Exchange is temporarily closing trading floors

The New York Stock Exchange is temporarily closing trading floors because the employee infected with COVID-19, moving to fully electronic trading

The New York Stock Exchange is temporarily closing trading floors from March 23 and moving to fully electronic trading next week to prevent the spread of coronavirus, exchange operator Intercontinental Exchange Inc said Wednesday.

The ICE comes shortly after the NYSE sent an update to traders informing them that two people — a member of the trading floor community and an NYSE employee — tested positive for COVID-19.

This is the first physical trading activity at Big Board, nicknamed NYSE, which is temporarily closing while electronic trading continues.

The NYSE had implemented coronavirus screening procedures for anyone wishing to enter the building. Both individuals who tested positive were screened on Monday and not allowed to enter the building.

The NYSE said both individuals who tested positive for coronavirus were last in the Exchange building on March 13, and the building was sanitized the following day.

The facilities to be closed include the NYSE equities trading floor and the NYSE American options floor in New York, as well as the NYSE Arca trading floor in San Francisco. All-electronic trading will begin at the market open on the next Monday.

Previously, the US stock market was closed at some point, such as during World War II and after November 9 in 2001. However, this is the first time the physical exchange closed independently while the electronic trading continues.

It is known that NYSE was acquired and operated by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in 2012. As the electronic trading on Wall Street is increasing, NYSE has also adapted to it and more and more transactions are no longer being performed on the exchange.

However, for many years, the company thought that trading activities were still very important, especially at the time of opening and closing, and trading floors should not be closed even when the number of actual trading professionals decreased. Another major US stock exchange, Nasdaq, has no physical exchange.


On Wednesday, the Dow Jones index closed below the 20,000 points for the first time since February 2017. The S&P 500 index is now decreased by nearly 30% from a record high in the previous month.

As of Wednesday evening, more than 7,500 Americans had been infected with coronavirus and more than 110 had died.