Microsoft's consumer-oriented Windows 10 event is set for January 21, 2015

windows 10 event january 2015

We have written about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 event in January where they are expected to focus on the consumer-oriented features of their next take on Windows.  In addition,  possibly shed some light on features regarding Windows 10 on Phones and the rumored new Xbox UI.  This event will be held at Microsoft’s very own headquarters in Redmond, Washington on January 21 2015.

Consumer-oriented features of Windows 10 are a mystery and many people are looking forward to Microsoft showing off its Continuum feature.  This is where Windows 10 recognizes how you are using the machine and accommodates in real-time, so in a case where you would disconnect the keyboard from a 2-in-1 device such as the Surface Pro 3, the UI changes as it knows you will rely on touch-first gestures.

Microsoft is also expected to demonstrate what they have in place for the Charms bar in Windows 10 alongside many other features and changes.

We have already seen the enterprise side of things in Windows 10 and it has so far proven to be a very feature rich operating system and has seen nothing but high praise, but the fun part for many is the consumer features and it’s just a little over a month away.  Microsoft nailing the consumer features will surely bring lots of positive momentum to what seems to be the most important version of Windows yet.

You will be able to watch this event as Microsoft will webcast the main part of the briefing.

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