19% of teens in U.S. expect to buy a Surface tablet in the next six months

surface 2A survey of U.S. teenagers by Piper Jaffray reveals that a growing number of teens in the U.S. are eager to buy a Surface tablet. Currently, Microsoft’s tablet has 10% share in this market segment, but what is rather interesting is that the study of more than 7,200 teens in America finds that 19% of all teens expect to buy a Surface tablet in the next six months, “which seems to point to some early favor among teens of the Microsoft tablet, perhaps due to its productivity features,” according to the Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Apple is still the king among tablets for teenagers in the U.S. holding a strong 66% of the market share, but with Microsoft’s strong marketing push to get kids to use their tablets as they are optimized for productivity, we expect the Redmond software company to keep gaining ground and perhaps become the #2 contender.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been receiving a lot of positive attention recently, and coupled with a great advertising campaign-word of mouth is spreading really fast.  Surface Pro 3 is certainly a hit, so much that it’s bringing attention to their lower cost Surface devices, and with a rumored announcement for new Surface devices running Windows RT, things are really starting to look up for Microsoft and their tablet business.

Source: Investors.com

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  1. Interesting fact: If Apple will have a 60% market share and Microsoft will have 19%, that will mean that there are only 21% left among the rest of the OEMS. So all Dell, Lenovo, Acer, etc… would have to do is get a combined 2% of the market with their Windows tablets and Windows will have a higher market share than Android.

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