8-inch & 14-inch Surface Pro 4 featuring Windows 10 rumored to be released in late 2015

Surface Pro 3 adIt’s only been half of a year since Surface Pro 3 hit the shelves and it created a new genre of PCs that has set an example of what a true hybrid computing experience should be like. As a laptop-tablet hybrid, it’s a perfect fit for all types of users. But one thing that has plagued this innovative device is the reputation of the operating system it comes with – Windows 8.

Although Windows 8 was first envisioned as a way to bridge mouse and keyboard devices with those relying on touch interactions, it had its flaws initially but most of them have been addressed when Microsoft released Windows 8.1 update to the infamous OS. Still, the reputation of the “would have been” OS was tarnished and many consumers including business customers opted out of the idea. Some big names such Coca Cola, BMW, many airlines and government institutions around the world have embraced Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 but there is still an enormous pool of potential clients who are waiting for something better.

Fast forward a few months and here we are, awaiting the consumer release of Windows 10 as Microsoft looks to turn a new page and bury the legacy of Windows 8 once and for all.

Which leads us to the latest rumors regarding to the Surface Pro 3 successor – Surface Pro 4. It has been reported today by IBTimes that Microsoft is indeed looking to release the Surface Pro 4 later in 2015 to early 2016 and the device will run on Windows 10.

According to reports, the device will also come in two sizes – and 8-inch version to compete against iOS and Android, which will be geared towards consumers and a larger 13 to 14-inch variant aimed squarely at businesses. The report also claims the new Surface will be pricier than its predecessor by a few hundred dollars as it will ship with Intel’s new mobile CPU and upgraded RAM.

The overall design and other specs of the new device (at least for the larger variant) are expected to be very similar to the Surface Pro 3 as most accessories will be cross-compatible.

Please note these are just rumors as Microsoft has not publicly confirmed such plans.

Source: IBTimes

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