Lumia Denim brings 4K recording, significant camera enhancements, Cortana passive voice and more


Microsoft announced a new firmware update for existing Lumia devices called “Lumia Denim”.  This is a significant firmware update that will bring many innovative features to  Microsoft’s smartphones.


The first and one of the most important features that Lumia Denim brings is the improved speed in camera behaviour.  Lumia Camera (AKA Nokia Camera) would usually take a lengthy period of time to launch, not something you want when trying to capture a moment that’s time sensitive. In addition, because of the oversampling taking place after a photo is taken, (this happens with Lumia 930/Icon,1020,1520) there’s a delay of 2-3 seconds between photos.

Microsoft noted that Lumia Denim will squeeze out every bit of processing power on the hardware it’s on-to make this app run quicker in every way possible.

4K video capture

Another great feature that Lumia Denim will bring is the 4K HD moment capture, which lets you select frames of the 4K video you just took to make photos out of them.  Pressing and holding the camera button for about a second just a second will start to record 4K video at 24 frames per second, each of the 24 frames in 8+ megapixels so it’s easy to find the image you want in HD quality.

Imagine yourself taking a picture of your kids first steps for about 5 minutes (5 minutes continuous filming is about the max you can work this feature), there will definitely be a memorable image in there  that would  normally be hard to get. This feature will not come to the Lumia 1020 and older devices.

Rich Capture

There is also a new feature called rich capture, this will have the camera  adapt to the scenario and will bring  HDR and dynamic flash,  this will enable you to pick the best image after you take the shot by being able to adjust low light and photos taken with flash in an incredible and intuitive way.  With Rich Capture, people can avoid the hassle adjusting camera settings; they can shoot first and edit and select the perfect shot later.

Cortana passive voice

Cortana’ s passive voice  is a feature many Windows Phone users have wanted, and Denim will enable it.  Just say: HEY CORTANA, and she will respond.  Sadly, Lumia Denim will not bring this feature to  the Lumia 920 and 1020 due to them running on last gen processors.

Image quality improvements

Lumia Denim will significantly enhance the image quality on existing Lumia devices, especially in low light scenarios with the latest-generation imaging algorithms.

Unfortunately all of the goodies that will be part of Lumia Denim will not coming to every Lumia.  Only the Lumia Icon/930 and 1520 will have all features enabled.

Lumia Denim will be available in late 2014, to devices such as the Lumia 830, 930/Icon and 1520.  While other devices may have to wait a bit longer.







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