Microsoft allegedly opening a large and flashy store in New York next to the Apple Store

microsoft store

Microsoft has many stores across the US, and they just recently announced another 13 retail locations they plan to open in the US and Canada.  However, there still isn’t a Microsoft store in New York City – believe it or not.

The Ney York Daily news today reported that Microsoft is in negotiations to open their first ever store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  The exact location would be 677 Fifth Avenue, and it looks to be in a massive 8700-square foot two-storey space.  This space was recently occupied by luxury fashion brand Fendi.


An interesting part to this location is that this puts the potential Microsoft Store near Apple’s iconic glass cube store on  767 Fifth Avenue. Microsoft isn’t new to this tactic and is known to open stores near its rivals in many instances.

Rent in locations such as these are the priciest in the US, and has been known to top a whopping $3,500 per square foot in recent deals.

Microsoft held a small retail store in Manhattan at the launch of the Surface back in 2012, but it was only a temporary set up.  This time they look to go big, and a flashy location such as this is a fantastic showroom for their products, now that they have a full hardware product line ranging from PC accessories, to smartphones, tablets,  and the Xbox.

Source: The NY Daily News


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