Microsoft to announce Surface mini in NYC on May 20th

Microsoft has sent out a  press invitation tonight calling on the media to “Join us for a small gathering.” in New York City on Tuesday, May 20th.

Source: Microsoft
Source: Microsoft

You can probably read between the lines and make a fair assumption that this is the event at which Microsoft plans to announce a smaller version of the long rumored Surface mini.

According to Mary Jo Foley and her insider sources “CEO Satya Nadella will be officiating” (All About Microsoft/ZDNet).

We anticipate this new device to be called “Surface Mini”, running the newly updated and much improved version of Windows 8.1  with update 1, and it is higly likely the “Mini” will have an 8 inch screen and likely come with a stylus and a digitized screen. Click here to see the leaked cover case of a Surface Mini on Amazon.

Microsoft is rumored to market the smaller Surface as a note-taking tablet device due to the inclusion of the stylus. One thing we still do not for sure, is weather it will be equipped with an ARM or Intel processor, but we presume, as many rumors have stated in the past that Microsoft is going with the RT version which will likely use the ARM processor and running desktop applications on an 8-inch screen is not very practical.

Microsoft entered this tablet market late and are the only major tablet vendor without a sub 9 inch tablet offering.  Having a mini tablet makes the “Surface”  line broader and offers new lower price points, this is an important step in increasing overall tablet market-share for Microsoft.

Stay tuned to for all the late breaking news regarding this much awaited new tablet.

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