Microsoft demos Universal Windows 10 apps on Xbox One

mwc universal apps xbox one
Photo credit: The Verge

Windows 10 will be the most significant release of Windows for Microsoft in terms of scale and importance to the overall brand. The key aspect of the OS is that it will scale across a vast array of device types while sharing one common app store and one set of app development tools.

We know that that the Xbox One is running on the Windows 8 core and that Microsoft will be bringing Windows 10 and Universal apps to the gaming platform.  Today, the software giant’s technical lead for Universal apps, Kevin Gallo demonstrated some of this at Mobile World Congress.

Gallo demonstrated an app designed to run across phones, PCs, and Xbox One, which he used as an example to show the broader message with Universal apps, the scaling and concept behind such a strategy. Microsoft didn’t mention when developers would be able to start developing Universal apps on Xbox One, but we expect Microsoft to release all of the details at Build this April.

This is certainly going to be an exciting time for the Xbox community as their device will soon become a much more capable machine and provide a seamless software experience with their existing Windows devices. We look forward to hear how Cortana implementation would work with Xbox One, as this also remains an area which Microsoft failed to address but one of high expectations.

Source: The Verge

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