Satya Nadella answers some personal questions & says "absolutely" when asked if Windows Phone is here to stay

Satya Nadella ABC NewsIn a recent interview with ABC News, Satya Nadella answered some interesting questions about his personal likings and stands firm behind the company’s commitment towards Windows Phone.

When asked about his favorite childhood toy, he reveals his Indian heritage and picks the “cricket bat”. He shows his admiration for the sport when asked about who he would trade places with for a week-end as he chooses the late Australian Cricketer he always admired, Donald Bradman who to Nadella represents excellence.

Nadella is diligent about getting his eight hours of sleep and wakes up at 7am – as being the CEO of one of the largest companies on earth isn’t so forgiving on one who’s not functioning at full capacity. He also reveals that he loves to cook, but doesn’t have much time to cook his favorite dish which happens to be an Indian Hyderabadi Biryani rice dish that takes all day to prepare. This is a good thing for Microsoft.

When it comes to technology related questions,  such as “what he thinks that we rely on, and won’t be around a decade from now” his answer is: the fountain pen.  This is particularly interesting as Microsoft has been clearly pushing with digital inking technology and has done a fantastic job in this department with the Surface Pro line, and most notably with the Surface Pro 3.  We also know that Microsoft still has a plan for a Surface Mini which will be heavily pushed as a note-taking device for business.

The interviewer most likely wasn’t aware that Microsoft has a smart watch/fitness band device as she asked Nadella if Microsoft plans on releasing a smart watch – only to be told about the Microsoft Band and what its purpose is.

She bluntly asks “is the Windows Phones here to stay?” and Satya Nadella answers with an “absolutely” showing no hesitation. Although Windows Phone has a worldwide market share of roughly 3-4%, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially with Microsoft’s recent $7 billion acquisition of Nokia’s devices & services division and especially with what they’re doing in bringing together the complete ecosystem of Windows devices in Windows 10.

Satya Nadella seems to be a likable character and certainly has changed the face of Microsoft since his time as the CEO. One takeaway from this interview and others in the past really show a positive and charismatic character who doesn’t cause one to cringe in the anticipation that he’ll say something embarrassing like former CEO Ballmer has done so in the past.  Although Ballmer is certainly the more entertaining of the two.

Check out the interview below:

Source: ABC News

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