Surface 2 gets a $100 price drop until September 27

surface 2

Microsoft has dropped the price off of all its Surface 2 configurations as a promo until September 27.  The 32GB version of the Surface 2 now starts at $349 while the 64B version will cost $449. Microsoft also discounted the LTE version with AT&T which will now go for $579.

These discounts are available at Microsoft’s online store and their retail locations.

Surface 2 comes with a free copy of a full-featured Microsoft Office 2013, 200GB of OneDrive storage as well as unlimited minutes and WiFi calling for Skype.

For those of you who won’t need to run desktop applications that aren’t Microsoft Office, this may be the perfect device for you. Surface 2 runs on Windows RT which will not enable the installation of desktop applications, but will come with a full Windows desktop that has its advantages.

There have been rumors of Microsoft releasing a new Surface RT tablet and it’s also back to school time.  Surface 2 still remains the best productivity tablet on the market by far (not counting Surface Pro models), with its ability to multitask, offering a full Windows desktop, a free copy of Microsoft Office 2013, USB 3.0, and expandable storage. With its ability to work with thousands of printers and peripherals, it really is in a class of its own at it’s price range.

Check it out at Microsoft’s online store

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