Time Magazine names Surface Pro 3 as one of "The 25 Best Inventions of 2014"

Surface Pro 3 adWe all know that the Surface Pro 3 is likely the best mobile productivity device on the market today in its price range as it replaces your laptop and can be an autonomous tablet device. It runs on full-blown Windows 8.1 OS and it has some of the most innovative hardware features ever seen in a portable device of its kind.

Recently, Times Magazine published their yearly roundup of “the best inventions making the world better, smarter and—in some cases—a little more fun” according to the report.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is hailed as “The Tablet that Replaces Laptops” and Time’s reasoning for placing it in this prestigious list is the fact that it’s an innovative, versatile, thin and powerful hybrid laptop-device that is extremely suitable for professionals like doctors and businesspeople. Here is what Time had to say about the Surface Pro 3:

“Microsoft’s latest “hybrid” bundles the power of a laptop into a svelte 12-in. tablet and can run desktop apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. That, as well as a slim, detachable keyboard cover and a built-in stand that makes the Surface usable on a desk, makes it more suitable than other tablets for professionals like doctors and businesspeople. No wonder organizations such as Coca-Cola and Seattle’s Children’s Hospital have adopted it in droves.”

Click here to see our hands-on video review of the Surface Pro 3.

Source: Time

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