Three Concerts That Ended In Tragedy

Concerts are a wonderful place for fans to come together and enjoy some of their favorite bands. Setting up a concert doesn’t come easy. On top of the sound and props, optimal security needs to be set up. With so many people in one place, security needs to keep the fans and performers safe. Without top-notch event security, disaster can strike. Here are 3 concerts that ended in tragedy.

Altamont | 1969

Altamont was a free concert that didn’t have much planning involved. In fact, there wasn’t even a concrete venue until 4 days prior. The poor planning led to poor security as well. In a rush to secure a security detail, the biker group Hell’s Angels was asked to provide security in exchange for $500 worth the beer.

When an 18-year-old woman named Meredith Hunter was seen with a gun, Hell’s Angel Alan Passaro stabbed her to death. Mick Jagger was on stage during the murder, but he had no idea it happened until he watched the footage months later. Unfortunately, Meredith wasn’t the only casualty of Altamont. During the concert 3 other people died accidental deaths.

Roskilde Festival | 2000

A mob of Pearl Jam fans ended the lives on nine people in June of 2000. The festival included seven stages and 50,000 fans. The largest stage, the Orange Stage, is where Pearl Jam was set to play. As the band played, fans rushed to the front of the stage to form a mosh pit.

Mosh pits are large groups of people that basically mash their bodies together during rock and heavy metal music. Festivals tend to send 100 to 200 people to the hospital with mosh pit related injuries. About 10,000 people were hospitalized after being in a mosh pit in the span of a decade. While only nine mosh deaths were reported between 1994 and 2006, the Roskilde Festival doubled that number.

During Pearl Jam’s set, the moshing became dangerously aggressive. Too many people crowded the space making it impossible for people on the inside of the crowd to push their way out. Some fell during the set and were unable to get back up. As the crowd pushed in, the fallen were trampled to their death.

Pearl Jam had no way of knowing what was going on. They kept playing oblivious to what was going on in the crowd. It took security a while to gauge the severity of the situation. Once they did, Pearl Jam’s manager was alerted. He ran on stage, stopped Eddie Vedder mid-song, and told him what had happened. He managed to talk the crowd into stepping back several feet. Once they cleared the area, a pile of bodies was found not far from the stage. Eight people were presumed dead on the scene, and another died later on in the hospital.

The Who | 1979

The Who performed at the Cincinnati Riverfront Stadium in front of 18,000 concertgoers in 1979. Unfortunately, the number of officers needed for crowd control was drastically underestimated with only 25 on staff.

Before the show even started, the danger began. A stampede of anxious fans rushed into the stadium as the doors opened. While some people say it was a side effect of general seating, others believe it was because the fans thought the concert was starting when they heard The Who warming up. General seating is all sold at the same price, and the first people in get better seating. During the stampede, 11 people were knocked down, trampled, and died on the scene. The band members had no knowledge of the tragic events taking place right outside the doors as they warmed up for the show. The show went on as planned, and they were alerted afterwards.

Without proper security, a concert can be an extremely dangerous place. In all the excitement, people make poor decisions that can end the life of others. Standards suggest one security guard per 100 people for an indoor event. More should be added for outdoor events and concerts projected to be more rowdy. Having as many as possible will decrease the likelihood of injury or fatality. These three concerts should have been a fun event, but instead, innocent concertgoers lost their lives.

The worthiness regarding several Sofa Cerebrovascular accident

Overstuffed chair rub down blossomed where you go, consequently inside rub professional medical hospital, some sort of dentist’s business office setting up or perhaps your house. Your own have restorative massage might be the fastest solution to signifiant – strain. For companies, virtually any chair therapeutic massage for staff members once in a while is a good part concerning acquire along with boost skill. Scientific tests lay claim each countertop easy chair restorative massage may help effectively-getting concerning most of the workers and also when in addition , it may perhaps enhance perseverance towards the firm. The workers must typically be pampered because so many reasons behind health issues originated in perform the work including requirement, panic, vertebrae battling in addition to problems.

The workplace couch massage is actually a phrase reviving rub of which will take advantage of a unique auto robotic robotic massage chair that enables someone’s rehabilitate that you could properly necessary rub. .

Once you to test a brand new overstuffed chair caress, any person required to record. Lavatory such a restorative massage is proper to cooperate with everywhere we look distinctively inside virtually any business. The particular question to the massage method is definitely the traveling, fretboard, shoulder muscles, back, decreasing boost. You will be asked by means of consultant correctly considerably requirement a purchaser demands, only the element exceptional hands or legs need more certain consideration, besides precisely what patch of this might end up being shunned.

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A complete fresh workspace overstuffed chair massage therapy solutions is sometimes allocated within group incidents which includes Golden-agers’ system. Good old must have rubs once they know-how far more aches and pains and a lot fewer freedom. An everyday massage even though almost all it requires may be a section-time could cut down inflammation along with lower challenging bodily places that can boost capability to switch. Most of these massage therapy is usually also introduced extensively characteristics including automobile displays, nonprofit predicaments, pursuits sessions, outdoors systems, deal displays and many more. An amazing apply can certainly help correct concerns and also drab, precisely how consumer is usually place.

No matter whether you’ll need your Overstuffed chair Massage to realize reduce agony, alleviate overall tone, decrease in worry as well as it can be make use of a outstanding knead hang out along with feel your better self applied, Factors Regenerative therapeutic massage Woburn could possibly be dedicated to assisting your present very well-definitely currently being. Some of our school of thought is to seek really encourage outside anyone to meet or exceed the anticipations through the same the best physician for that appropriate impact.

Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

Army of Two: The 40th Day continues the story of our two heroes Rios and Salem which have found themselves in the middle of a terrorist attack in Shanghai, China. The franchise is known for bringing new multiplayer features to the classic third-person shooter genre. 40thth Day improves on the first with the addition of several new options your partner and you are able to do, such as mock surrenders, grabbing the leader in charge of a surrounding soldiers and forcing them to drop their guns. Then you have the option of killing them or you can tie them up and do you try to save all the hostages or pretend you’re Keanu Reeves and shoot the hostage. What you choose will reflect the morality factor players must look at when playing the game which will affect the rest of the game.

There are key moments in the game when players will be faced with a bigger morality choice. An example seen in the demo is you have the option to kill your contact that helped you get your weapons and showing you the ropes, you only have two options, kill him for more money or let him live. After making your choice you are drawn out of the game for a few seconds as you see a comic strip portraying the future ramifications of your decision. If you want to know what my pick was, well I’m a fan of money.

Although it feels like there are less guns this time you can get pretty creative when designing the gun that suits you. New parts are acquired once you buy a new gun or get parts from playing the levels (finding them, getting them from doing certain missions within the level) and you can interchange parts with any other gun. It does provide a higher level of detail over the first Army of Two, there you had to buy parts for each gun you owned. Now once you purchase that Red Dot x2 it can be used it on any of your Primary guns. Players now have the option to create custom masks and armor via the Army of Two website which can be used in single and multiplayer. With all the preset icons and designs available plus being able to insert text and change the colors of everything you add, you can create some interesting gear.

Aggro still plays a big part in The 40th Day and functions the same as it did in the previous game. Shoot a lot with a gun that can gain aggro and watch the bad guys turn to focus on you. Sadly you can’t slip into the super aggro mode when you build up a max bar like you could in the previous and if an enemy doesn’t have line of sight to you he really doesn’t care about you. Found this out the hard way when my friend had a full bar of aggro and I tried to slip in from behind to cut off their reinforcement line. So keep that in mind when trying to take down a big group or one of those bosses.

The three biggest complaints I have with the weapon customization are these: You can’t hold down the direction button to scroll through the different part/skin options. You are forced to pressed left or right over and over again. I really dislike all the new “styles” you can apply to your weapons because I feel it’s too uniform. It feels like you slapped a giant sticker on your weapon and it doesn’t show off any of the details of your brand new weapon of doom. Lastly, my biggest complaint of them all, EA has given the option to customize your weapons in the middle of a mission instead of only at save points. Sounds good right? Wrong. Lets say you and your partner just spent about five minutes each customizing that weapon only to begin the map and run into a boss. He lays waste to both of you forcing you to restart the level. Now all that work you did on your weapons is gone unless you feel like doing it again. My friend and I decided to play the game on it’s hardest difficulty, so those save points can feel like they are years away.

As of right now, the online feels like it needs some work. Although EA has made some changes to the online, such as region-free play and an increased number of participants (up to 10). Games feel laggy, random disconnects and you may experience moments where players drop and the game reconfigures itself, which can take a couple of minutes. The four different game modes are Co-Op Death Match (teams of two square off against others), Control (awards points for capturing and defending randomly spawned points), Warzone (battle over various objectives like assassinate, defend and capture) and finally the newest game mode Extraction. In extraction teams of four fight 16 waves of increasingly powerful enemies as they progress to the extraction point.

I’m really torn when it comes to The 40th Day since I was one of the few that enjoyed the first game and I really want to enjoy this one. The new options for over coming groups of bad guys really helps to provide a nice change from one guy building up aggro, the other sneaks around and picks people off, rinse and repeat.

I love the new weapon customization in terms of the actual idea and being able to interchange parts but I absolutely hate it that you can’t save the game quickly once you exist the customization screen, at least to the point where it remembers what you did to alter your weapons. They should have stayed with the option to only customize at check points or toss up a screen before you get to a check point offering if you would like to alter any weapons. Between each level you will encounter extremely long load times before it loads up the next one. I understand that it’s loading the ENTIRE next level so it’s really just a pain when you die and have to restart. If you enjoyed the first game I suggest that you give this one a try to experience the story and all the new game features for yourself. If you didn’t care much for the first game or thought it sounded like a bad game then you’re probably better off skipping this one as well.

Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5s V2

For the most slim case for Apple iPhone 5 which is the Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 (V2) a person wanting to install it will never require the help of any screws or any complicated adhesives which are the biggest combination for disaster and damage to the elegant and delicate build of the exquisite Apple iPhone 5. The revolutionary material used in i5 Slimline Case is Tight Stretch Silicone Polymer which makes sure that the case stays firmly in place and does not even slightly impair the brand new and original premium feel given by the Apple iPhone 5. This innovative new ultra slim case for Apple iPhone 5 has some solid designing work in port access area and comes sporting a truly delightful integrated volume switch and an integrated sleep awake button.

Often the corners are the most delicate features of the Apple iPhone 5 and are prone to external damages most often. But with the slim case for Apple iPhone 5 which is the Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 (V2) such fears are rendered unnecessary by the precision engineering of our capable and qualified designers an engineers who incorporated reinforced ribbed corners so as to impart even more protection to the especially delicate corners of the Apple iPhone 5. Protection and preservation goes one notch higher with the i5 Slimline Case’s aluminum side inlays for added protection and only top quality aircraft grade aluminum is used in every case made by Casemachine for its Apple iPhone 5 customers. Casemachine has always been obsessed about dealing with top quality fibers and materials and hence it uses Alcantra suede back plate in this design of the i5 Slimline Case for the users of Apple iPhone 5.

This slim case for Apple iPhone 5 which is the Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 (V2) comes with superior aluminum side plates fully integrated in the tough case and features the Stretch Tight silicone based frame. The silicone used in the new i5 Slimline (V2) cases for the Apple iPhone 5 maintains an attractive yet fully functional hyperfine width quite unlike its predecessor. The reinforced corners not only corner protecting but also contribute to a tighter and even holding grip which prevents falling. The traditional carbon fiber back plate takes a back seat in this i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 for the more robust Alcantra suede back plate which is stylish. The simple and easily installable slip on features of this designer case is one of the greatest selling points for people looking for good protection with easily maintained cases which virtually need no tools since absolutely any screws or adhesives have ever been required to set up the case in the first place. Casemachine gives you immense opportunities to experiment with color and overall look of your iPhone 5 by giving you exceptionally thought out ten colors from palette inspired by color palettes used in top most Italian sports car manufacturing brands. It’s high time you gave up worrying and entrusted the care of your iPhone 5 to Casemachine.


Solid port access design

Integrated logo volume switch

Integrated sleep/awake power button

Reinforced ribbed corners for even more protection

Aircraft grade aluminum side protection inlays

StretchTight silicon frame with integrated billet aluminum side plates

Available in 9 colors and many color combinations

Included interchangeable “Dimensional Backplate”

No screws, slip on assembly

Casemachine’s renowned phone case for the Apple iPhone 5, named the i5 Slimline v2 was released earlier in June this year for pre-orders worldwide. The case is expected to see an increase in demand by Apple’s loyal customers following mid-summer as anticipation for the much awaited Apple iPhone 5S creates hype in the market.

“Got my Casemachine’s i5 Slimline v2 case for Apple iPhone 5. You guys are awesome! Lovesss it! Honestly I have never been so excited about a damn iPhone case ha.”

Review of Jurassic World 2 and its amazing features

It’s been four years because dinosaurs from control ruined amusement park and high-end hotel jurassic world 2. Isla Nublar currently rests deserted by people while the enduring dinosaurs take care of themselves in the forests.

When the island’s inactive volcano starts barking to life, Owen (Chris Pratt) and also Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) place a project to save the continuing to be dinosaurs from this extinction-level occasion. Owen is driven to discover Blue, his lead raptor that’s still missing out on in the wild, and Claire has expanded regard for these animals she currently makes her goal. Showing up on the unpredictable island as lava starts drizzling down; their exploration discovers a conspiracy theory that might return our whole earth to a risky order not seen because of ancient times.

With the entire marvel, journey and delights identified with among one of the most prominent and an effective collection in movie theater background, this brand new motion-picture occasion sees the return of favored personalities and dinosaurs- in addition to brand-new types much more mind-blowing and also frightening compared to ever. Thanks for Visiting Jurassic Globe 2: Fallen Kingdom.

Howard returns and Stars Pratt together with executive manufacturers Colin Trevorrow and Steven Spielberg for Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom. They are joined by co-stars Ted Levine, James Cromwell, Geraldine Chaplin, Justice Smith, Toby Jones, Daniella Pineda, Isabella Lecture and Rafe Spall when BD Wong and Jeff Goldblum repeat their functions.

Directed by J.A. Bayona (The Difficult), the legendary action-adventure is created by Jurassic World 2 director, Trevorrow. Its co-writer, Derek Connolly and the Producers of Jurassic Globe 2 movie is Frank Marshall and Rub Crowley again companion with Spielberg and also Trevorrow in leading the filmmakers for this sensational installation. Belén Atienza was joined with the group as a producer of the movie.

However, speaking presumes in a jurassic world 2 film. That is why it appears like there may be no lack of delights and activity in Jurassic World 2: the Fallen Kingdom, from your ordinary surges to olds stampeding. There’s one specific minute in the examiner that needs a Phantom Menace line being reworded: there’s constantly a larger dinosaur. When it comes to our primary protagonists, as difficult as this is to state, they’ll remain in much more threat compared to in the past. Since despite the fact that Claire and also Justice Smith’s unrevealed personality can elude the dinosaurs and the volcanic damage in their gyro sphere, they’re no much safer undersea and with dinosaur bodies dropping anywhere. When it comes to Owen, when we seriously question the follow up eliminates him off by getting him choke on ashes, it may interest see how he leaves that situation.

Release date of Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World 2: the Fallen Kingdom rages into movie theatres on June 22, 2018. When it comes to what various other significant films are being launched following year, browse our 2018 premiere overview for that details.


[UPDATE] Pimp My Band Update Adds Features We Requested – Then Does Us Two Better!

Update – December 17, 2014 1:02PM – Pimp My Band app has been updated today with a couple of improvements bringing the app version to

Here is the full update bulletin:

• Modified color picker interface
• Better light theme handling
• Minor bug fixes


Pimp My Band – it seems like only yesterday we were enthusiastically recommending this great app, well actually is was just a bit more than two days ago. This great little app allows you to set a custom background for the Me Tile, essentially the Start Screen of your Band.

We really liked the easy to understand interface and simple to follow process to upload a photo from your Windows Phone to your Band. It works quickly and easily, so much so that we could only find a couple of little quibbles with it. The first was that while you could change the background to the picture of your liking, you couldn’t change the accent stripe on the right side of the Me Tile. To do this, you had to go back to Microsoft’s app, change the color, which would also wipe out your lovely Custom image, and then go back to Pimp My Band to re-set the background to your custom picture.

We also suggested that on occasion the on-screen instructions were a tad confusing in that they told you to touch a control below, but there were a couple of options to chose from.  The Developer of the app spotted our Review and Tweeted he would be making some changes very soon. Well, soon turned out to be very, very soon. Version 1.2 has landed in the Store and it has very neatly addressed the quibbles as we requested, and in fact, has added two new features that are really very cool!

“OK LegoHead. Time For A Change”

Right out of the gate the instructions have been simplified, leaving no uncertainty about what exactly to do. Score One for MSPR and Band Owners everywhere!  Then guess what, you can now set the accent stripe color from within the app.  Score Two for MSPR and the app Developer, Fela Ameghino (@FrayxRulez)!

“The Running Man and Orion Nebula Look Great! Not Crazy About the Dominant Color Accent Stripe In This Case Though”

 “Pick a Color. ANY Color!”

But Fela didn’t stop there, oh no, this guy’s serious about his updates. Version 1.2 has also added the ability to change the Accent Stripe to match the dominant color in your image – chosen automatically by the app itself!  Now that’s slick, and it’s a nice original idea.  I wish we could claim to have thought of it first, but this one’s all the Dev’s! Well done!

And, it’s not over yet.  Just in case your artistic vision doesn’t match the “Dominant Color” the app chooses for you, you can select a custom color from, well, any color in the universe. Just like before, the app is simple, fast and does everything as advertised. The original Pimp My Band was a really solid piece of work, well worth the $0.99 price, and this update is an impressive bit of work that shows off the Dev’s creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Hydrogen Red -Yes! That’s All Pimped Out!”

Given how well this worked last time, I’ll make just a couple of

[UPDATE] Want a Custom Start Screen on Your Microsoft Band? Pimp It!

Update – December 15, 2015 – We’re happy to report that the Pimp my Band app developer has confirmed to us on Twitter there is an update with great features coming coming soon.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have scored a Microsoft Band here in the US then you know this is an impressive device. Bristling with sensors and sophisticated abilities, like App Notifications, Cortana integrations and Band-specific Apps, it’s a highly functional and useful device.

Nice, but this could use some pizzazz

One thing it isn’t though, is particularly attractive. It has a minimalist, Utilitarian design that is similar to many less capable fitness bands, and stands in complete contrast to what is expected from the upcoming Apple watch which is much more about form and less about helping you live a better, healthier life.

Still, Microsoft has tried to allow for some customization of the Me Tile display in order to allow you to make your Band pleasing to YOUR eyes. You can choose between 10 Colors (plus 3 Black with a different colored stripe) and 12 different wallpapers out of the box – a healthy start.

But what if you are used to putting your favorite photographs on your device displays? Well it’s been hinted that this would be possible, however the still somewhat limited interfaces available for the Band (basically the Microsoft Health App) have not allowed this.

“Like me, You Need a Dragon On Your Band. Admit it!”

Besides, what would you be able to do with such a small display, right? It’s only .43” x 1.3” inches, so there would seem to be little worth doing with it. Considering that a lot of the available space is understandably taken over with text, particularly if you enable the “Watch” function, it might seem not worth bothering. And what about the display resolution? Surely such a small and utilitarian device would not have a very high resolution, the kind that would make a photograph a useful background. After all, Microsoft didn’t include any photos in the display choices, and their not shy of loading such photos onto Lumias are they?

Looking a bit at the display specs, you get a hint that photos might not look too bad. The Band has a 320 x 106 ppi display. That gives it an overall resolution of 240 ppi. That’s not exactly High Def video, but its higher than the 3rd Gen MacBook Pro (227 ppi) and almost as good as the 4tth Gen iPad (264 ppi). In more MS terms, it’s the same as the current Lumia 530 (245 ppi), way better than the Lumia 630/635 (218 ppi). You have to climb up the Lumia Ladder all the way to the 700 top get a better resolution (312 ppi)! And the full color TFT LCD technology used in the display is no slouch either. Clearly, this was built with the capability to do more than a simple geometric pastel background.

“Much Better than that Kid kicking the Soccer Ball”

After looking thru all this I became interested in customizing the displayed image on my Band. As a semi-pro Photographer I have a large library of personal images I rather like, and all my capable electronics immediately have the manufacturers’ stock backgrounds replaced with ones of my own I find pleasing. The inability to do the same with my Band was a little irritating, particularly once I realized that it should have the capability to do a good job with an image of the correct proportions.

So I was very excited to discover that an App to do just this, “Pimp My Band” was just released into the Windows Phone Store. It’s a very simple, easy to use App that does just one thing, allow you to crop (the original image is untouched) and upload photos from your Windows phone to your MS Band Me Tile.

“It’s a Start”

Upon opening the App it connects to your Band and shows you an image of it with your current Me Tile displayed. Tapping on the image opens your photo library on your Windows Phone. You can swipe up or down, left or right as usual in order to find a photo you like. Tap on one, or press the camera button on the bottom if you would rather take a new photo. After selecting the picture you wish, the App will move on to the next step.

You are then presented with the photo you selected, which is scaled to fill a frame of the dimensions of the Band’s display. Using you finger you can then slide the photo up and down to frame the photo as you would prefer to look on the Band. When you’re done, tap the checkmark on the bottom of the screen. You are then taken back to a page that looks like the one you started on, except that there is a “Save” icon at the bottom.

“10, 9, 8, 7…”


You tap on that, the screen dims and it report that it is “Changing your background” and the familiar moving dots fly across the top of the screen while the data is uplinked to your Band. Meanwhile your Band screen indicates that it is syncing with the App. Once this is complete, which takes 10-15 seconds, and then a splash screen shows up confirming that he screen background has been changed. Tap the “OK” and you are done! That’s it!


If you like texture, now you can have it.

I’ve played around with the App for a few days now, uploading dozens of images. I’ve found it to be fast, predictable and stable. Only once did it seem to hang for a bit, then reported a failure and suggested that my Band wasn’t connected and I should verify that Bluetooth was on and my Band paired. I checked, and everything was fine. I killed the App, reloaded it and all was well. I’ve not seen an error again, which is a pretty good track record for a Bluetooth data transmission. I’ve demonstrated it working from about 10 feet away, but not sought out its limits. It’s certainly reliable enough to allow you to update the display from your chair while your Band is charging on your desk. Oh, and I checked, it works while your Band is charging.

“I have a thing for Leaves. Now you know.”

In terms of image resolution, I’m actually very impressed with how good photos look on the Band. Of course taking megapixel images and reducing them to a (cropped) 320 x 106 pixel image scaled down many times can eliminate many image quality issue, but at the same time the downscaling can be done well or badly. In this case it’s exquisite – so far I cannot detect any artifacts in the resulting backgrounds on the Band. Color replication is more than acceptable, and to my delight, the black levels on the display are excellent, regardless of whether the brightness is set to high or low or automatic.

“NOW I’ve got my Badass Band on”

The real challenge is picking an image that will look good cropped and overlaid with the text on the Me Tile. If you have the Clock option on as I have, a lot of the left side of the Me Tile is dominated by white text. Best not to put your Wife’s face in that area, or a bunch of white clouds either. So choose your photos with care, but with Pimp My Band, it’s so easy and quick to change backgrounds that it’s no bother, really kind of fun actually to change to a new one until you’re happy with the new look of your Band.

I have only a few quibbles with PMB. At the moment the colored stripe on the right side of the Me Tile cannot be changed from within the App. If you want to change it to go better with your photo you have to go back to the Microsoft Health App, change it, which will also change the background, then return to Pimp My Band and reload the Photo. This may be a limitation imposed by Microsoft, but if not it would be a good thing to improve in the next version. Sometimes the taping on the image is not clearly called out, it’s just referred to as “below”, which could be called out a bit more clearly as there are other action icons in the bottom of the page at the same time. These are small issues that could easily be tweaked and shouldn’t cause anyone to wait before trying the App.

Pimp My Band is available in the Store for $0.99, and its well worth the Buck!

Download Pimp My Band for Windows Phone here