How to get Plants vs Zombies and Battlefield 3 for PC and Surface Pro – FOR FREE!

PlantsVsZombiesCover400ppxWho doesn’t like a nice Garden?  And if there are pesky Zombies threatening to tear it up and eat your brains, well, you’re just going to have to deal with them.

It’s been 5 years since PopCap released their signature Tower Defense game, and it’s been a huge hit all over the world, on PC’s, Macs and all three major mobile operating systems.  Chances are you own at least one version of the game, but if you don’t happen to have it on your PC or Surface Pro, this is your lucky day!

PopCap is offering the game for free (PC or Mac OS) until June 16th.

Head over to and you can pick up your free game. It’s not totally without a catch – you have to install the Origin console software, but if that’s not too bothersome for you, your FREE game awaits!

Until June 3rd, you can also download “Battlefield 3” for free, although I haven’t done so as it is a large game for a device like my Surface Pro with its limited memory as compared to a PC’s hard drive.

The installation on the Surface Pro goes to the Desktop.  It’s pretty straightforward. Game play on the Surface Pro is just as you remember, but with two small changes.

Screenshot (21)On the Surface Pro the left side of the screen is slightly clipped.  Nothing critical is missing, just the handles of the lawnmowers, but it is a little off.  The second issue is more significant.  In the Windows Phone version of the game, if you want to plant something, or place an item on the screen, you just drag it in place, and when you lift your finger, it’s planted.  On the Surface Pro, you have to lift your finger, and then tap to place the object.  It’s not hard, but it takes a few rounds to become automatic.

Game play so far, for several levels, is the same as for the Windows Phone version.  While the sod in the loading screen unrolls with gratifying speed, game play itself seems to be carefully clocked to work at a normal pace.

Screenshot (21)So there you have it. Two great games for your PC or Tablet, for free.  As far as I can tell there is no free version for RT available, if you find one, please let us know into the Comments below.  Just remember to hurry, particularly if you want Battlefield 3!


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