Microsoft's new Surface Hub is a dream digital whiteboard for businesses

surface hubA large 84″ touchscreen device hiding in plain sight throughout the event was unveiled towards the end of it, and Microsoft calls it the “Surface Hub”.  This new Windows 10 device is a dream canvas for businesses as it takes collaboration to new levels and is aims to change the way ideas are shared and worked upon.

You’re able to use it with others to simultaneously draw on its large screen as shown in today’s demo.  Surface Hub uses Microsoft’s state of the art digital inking technologies borrowed from the Surface Pro 3, and drawing on it while being in a Skype chat with other members who are collaborating with the document in real-time was also demoed today, looking rather impressive.

In addition, when a document on the canvas is finished being worked on, you’re able to take the content and copy on a tablet, smartphone or a PC for later uses.  Users will also be able to project from the same devices to the Surface Hub for others to interact with.   There will also be a tailored version of OneNote and Skype for Business built and ready for the Surface Hub at launch.

With the use of cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi, and various sensors on the device, it can detect you’ve picked up the pen and has a dedicated screen launch for you to start writing on.  The demo Microsoft showed earlier was very impressive but there are many things we don’t know about it yet.  Such as availability, cost and its tech specs.  But this is one thing that surely looks promising and can perhaps change collaboration in business as we know it.

Check out the video demonstrating some of its uses:


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