Surface Pro 3 is Stuff Magazine's "Gadget of the Year"

stuff-gadget-awards-2014-best-gadget-microsoft-Surface_pro-3-finalMicrosoft’s super-innovative laptop-tablet hybrid Surface Pro 3 has been making the headlines lately, and in very positive ways. Last month Time Magazine named Surface Pro 3 one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2014 and today Stuff Magazine names the versatile device as its Gadget of the Year.

These types of awards really underline the consumer sentiment towards the Surface Pro 3 and complement the primarily positive reviews it received since launching earlier this year. Since then, many big companies and government institutions in a variety of sectors and markets, from automotive and fashion to education and health care, are continually adopting the new Surface Pro 3 as their primary computing device. In some cases even scrapping previous iPad deals they might have had planned for.

Stuff says the Surface Pro 3 had some tough competition for this recognition, including the likes of iPhone 6, Moto X, LG G3, Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft’s own Xbox One. Surface Pro 3 easily blew through the competition and a big reason is the fact that Microsoft has hit a home run with the business crowd, something Google and Apple could never really do on the hardware side and are “working to catch up on ‘tablets for work'” – kudos to Microsoft!

The magazine adds, “Its powerful Intel Haswell chip offers more power than any tablet while doubling its battery life, its form is (quite literally) more flexible than a MacBook Air and it has a keyboard cover that’s actually a pleasure to use.”

The editor for the popular magazine had some special praises for Microsoft’s transforming tablet, here is what Stuff’s Will Findlater had to say:

In 2014, Microsoft cracked the hybrid conundrum and set a new trend

If you’d told us back in January that Microsoft would win our 2014 Gadget of the Year award, we’d have replied, “What, is it releasing the Xbox Two already?” Microsoft hadn’t been known for creating the best gadgets in the world and nothing would have made us think that, after 11 months had elapsed, it would be.

With the Surface Pro 3, everything has changed. This device is a great tablet. It’s a great laptop. It isn’t a compromise, and that’s thanks to some impressive design and engineering ingenuity.

The way the pliable-but-sturdy hinge works is utterly pleasing and ergonomic. The Intel Haswell internals are as powerful as those of many desktop computers, despite the fact the Surface isn’t much heftier than most large tablets. The Type keyboard actually allows you to type. You can do casual sofa surfing with the Pro 3, and you can also log in to a remote server and do your annual accounts.

If reports of an iPad Pro are to be believed, Apple’s seen the Surface Pro 3 template and wants a piece of the action. Who can blame it? A device that threatens to eat its laptop lunch before tucking into its tablet dessert needs to be competed with. Which means that, following the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft isn’t just a maker of great gadgets – it’s a trend-setter.

That’s got to be the story of the year.

Source: Stuff Magazine

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