New Surface Ads showcasing productivity in everyday life

Microsoft’s promotional campaign for their latest Surface 2 tablets, has been well under way. Releasing their first video last week, they showcased Lauren Brill, a baked goods business owner, who demonstrated how she uses her Windows RT device to simplify and bring efficiency to her work life.

The concept of exhibiting real life professionals in their work environment, continues this week with a video of Austin, Texas based wedding planner, Ashlee Voda. In this Youtube video featured on the Surface blog, we see Ashlee using Excel and the OneNote app to help organize planning details for her client’s wedding vision. She shows photos to the happy couples using Internet Explorer and then takes her own photos of wedding cake and venue options using her Surface 2 camera. She engages in drawing additions and making changes to both photos, using her stylus, in order to bring their collaborative vision to life.

Microsoft’s approach to marketing these tools has set out to be subtle, yet affective. They attempt to encourage an unexperienced tech audience to easily relate to the highlighted individuals. The video, while wrapped in an impressive and uplifting package, manages to get across just how straightforward and useful incorporating the tools into their workday can be.