Chase has dropped support for their Windows Phone banking app

chase-bank-discontinueBack in January, the large US bank announced they are removing their app from the Windows Phone store, however, the company said the app’s current users would still be able to use the app “until further notice”.

Well, it appears that today is the day many thought wouldn’t really come. J.P. Morgan Chase has officially discontinued supporting their Windows Phone banking app.

Those who try to use the app will now be greeted with a message that as of today the Windows Phone app is no longer supported. The notice also encourages users to visit mobile web site in order to use Chase’s banking services on the go. Chase also notes that QuickDeposit option is not available through their mobile web site and that clients wishing to┬ádeposit their checks should do so at their local ATM or branch.

To add insult to injury, some Windows Phone users have reported there are “identification code” issues with the Chase mobile web site and they had to log in through the bank’s desktop web site. Bank of America, who also recently dropped support for Windows Phone, has been having similar mobile web site issues as Chase.

This is certainly not good news for Microsoft as having major US banks on board is crucial for the mobile platform’s growth. We hope with the release of Windows 10 this summer it will encourage Chase, BofA and other big banks to reconsider their stance on Windows Phone as developing and maintaining one Universal app for all Windows-based devices will make a lot more sense.

Via: WindowsCentral, Screenshot via WindowsCentral