Sci-Fi epic Interstellar is now available on Xbox Video


Interstellar is one of the most intriguing titles we’ve seen in years, it brings an Avatar like experience to the viewer making it a rare gem, and it’s now available for purchase on Xbox Video.

Interstellar stars Mathew McConaghey Ane Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Micheal Caine.  This films takes you on an unforgettable journey through space time in an effort to save the human race

Christopher Nolan is the director/producer is also known for intriguing titles such as Inception, and many others

Interstellar is available in HD for $24.99 and includes lots of bonus content.  Although an SD version of the film is also available and will cost you $5 less, we highly recommend you go for the HD version.

Interstellar won’t be available on DVD, Blu-ray until March 31 so this is your chance to see it early and it most likely won’t be available to rent on Xbox Video until around that time.

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