Leaked Lumia 1030 to have a 50MP camera and offer very unique Kinect-like capabilities

lumia 10301There has been a leak of what appears to be the much-anticipated Lumia 1030, and judging by the photos it very closely resembles the Lumia 1020’s design and features the iconic camera hump. It’s codenamed Nokia RM-1052, and although AdDuplex posted their results for the month of November and revealed a number of new Lumia codenames, RM-1052 was not one of them.

This rumored device is expected to have a 50MP camera and have a Toshiba-based sensor, which is very interesting given the fact that the 1020 came with Zeiss optics. Microsoft previously announced a partnership with Canon which had us expecting that their next camera flagship would use Canon lenses technology.

WMPoweruser reports that that this device will utilize Microsoft’s rumored 3D technology which was what the cancelled “McLaren” Windows Phone device was reportedly set to have.  Interacting with games and applications using this tech will be achieved without touching the actual display. Microsoft’s 3D Kinect-like technology will utilize things such as dismissing of notifications with a hand-wave, muting the device by placing it on your chest, and activating the phone with a grip.  There are more capabilities that will come out of this technology like hanging up the phone by placing the device in your pocket or downward on the table, and even setting the phone down to enable speakerphone. These sensors will be able to detect how the phone is held and prevent screen rotation when lying down.

One very interesting capability of this device is the ability of dragging your finger along side of the device to give you the ability to zoom as it interacts with the OS.

There will also be something called MixView, which will enable users to hover over a Live Tile and tap down in the air to reveal a number of smaller tiles that are relevant to that particular app and look as if they simply exploded from the original tile.  One example that WMpoweruser brings up is that if doing this gesture on the Facebook tile, you may see a Messaging and Phone Tile appear allowing users to quickly call contacts.

lumia 1030lumia 10306lumia 10304lumia 10302lumia 10305According to the leaked information from a site called Taobao, this supposed Lumia 1020 successor comes with 2GB RAM, 32GB of storage and a 1080P display while running Windows Phone 8.1.

We are not sure if this is a real device, it may also be a prototype in early stages.  However, if this device is indeed the Lumia 1030, seeing that it is running Windows Phone 8.1 may be an indication that it will hit the market before Windows 10 is unveiled.

Source: Taobao & WMPoweruser