Microsoft pushes firmware update to Microsoft Band but doesn't provide details on changes

microsoft band update1Microsoft has finally come along and started updating the Microsoft Band.  It’s becoming a much better product and one that feels fresh again with the latest update we’ve seen which was a major improvement that included an amazing implementation of a virtual keyboard and a quick reply option via Cortana and much more.

Now if only Microsoft can get actual stock of the product and provide us with detail on whether the Band will ever be released outside the US. Sadly, with the way things are going it looks as if version 2.0 will be the one to see a worldwide launch.

Back to the good news – the software giant has pushed out a firmware update to the fitness device. This new firmware will bring the version number 10.2.2612.0.

Microsoft hasn’t provided us with any of the changes made in this firmware update on their support page but we suspect that it’s most likely fixes for the previous major update.

To update manually you can open the Microsoft Health app and it may update that way, or you can plug the Band into your PC and run the synchronization software to get it.