Microsoft plans to significantly speed up the update process on Windows Phone with "Project Milkyway"

windows-phone-8_1-update1During the WinHec conference today Microsoft unveiled its plans to make updates delivered to its phones at a much faster pace with “Project Milkyway”.

Currently, updating Windows Phones is a very slow process, and in many cases it can take months for devices to get updated, and with Project Milkyway Microsoft plans to bring the wait down to 4-6 weeks of release.

project milkyway1 project milkyway2In the slide above, Microsoft outlines the procedure on how this is set to happen, and it depicts various steps that would be taken to get new updates rolled out to Windows phones.  Some of these steps include several carrier-related approvals which makes things a little skeptical since they seem to be the ones slowing things down dramatically, but at least Microsoft has a plan which makes things encouraging.

Source: Channel 9 via Windows Central (images by Windows Central)