New information about Microsoft's Spartan browser revealed in leaked screenshots

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Microsoft’s Spartan browser is definitely a highly anticipated feature to Windows 10, and with the recent video from WinBeta showing Cortana integration in action, it’s certainly something were looking forward to getting our hands on.

Although we won’t be able to get our hands on a new build of Windows 10 featuring the Spartan browser since it isn’t available yet, these leaked photos show off some new features which are interesting to see.

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You’ll notice the new reading mode view that’s present, along with some customization options such as the option to show the favorites bar, detecting phone numbers, enabling SmartScreen filter, the option to change your homepage and more.

It’s important to note that this is an early release of the Spartan Browser, and many things can still change, such as the addition and removal of features until its released with Windows 10 later this year.

Source: MSWin, via Pureinfotech

Cortana integration with the Spartan browser in Windows 10 is proving to be very useful [Video]

Win10_Windows_Spartan_PrintMicrosoft is committed to providing a first-class Cortana experience tailored for the PC in Windows 10, and from what we’ve seen, Cortana is rather impressive and Microsoft is definitely on the right track.

One of the new ways you’ll be able to interact with Cortana is in the new Spartan browser Microsoft is building specifically for Windows 10. In the video from WinBeta (embedded below), you’ll notice some pretty small but powerful features which everyday users could grow to love and how Cortana can significantly improve your browsing experience.

One of the neat ways Cortana will be very useful in Spartan is when you’re looking up a website pertaining to a business and want to know everything that’s important to you about this particular business. Cortana’s avatar will jump up and down to let you know she has important information ready for you, and when clicking on her avatar, a menu on the right of the screen will appear providing you with all the relevant information pertaining to the business such as the location, hours of operation, reservations, reviews and more. This all happens behind the scenes while you’re still browsing with a single mouse click.

In addition to that, you’ll also be able to right click any word and select “ask Cortana” in the sub menu, which will provide you with all of the information about the word or its definition in the side bar to the right of the screen. This feature can also be used to select places, which would provide you with a map and details about the particular place rather than opening up a separate tab and searching for it the traditional way.

This is a fantastic example on how Microsoft is tailoring a first-class browsing experience for Windows using Cortana, and with features such as these, Cortana has a good chance to be loved by the masses.

Source: WinBeta

Take a look at some photos comparing the Windows 10 desktop and phone "Spartan" browser experience

spartan browser1Microsoft’s new browser codenamed “Project Spartan” is certainly grabbing lots of attention from the tech crowd with its super-sophisticated features.  Not only does it have pen support and the ability to write on the actual webpage using a keyboard too, but it’s also able to intelligently save content from the web for offline viewing. Having Cortana integration and the fact that it’s designed to work seamlessly across the Windows device family and be updated regularly is definitely a notable bonus.

Microsoft has posted some information regarding the browser and its design on Windows 10 on phones compared to that of a desktop PC experience, showing off its dark and light themes and some new design features.

spartan browser

Spartan is a single browser designed to work great across the entire Windows 10 device family – from keyboard and mouse on the Windows 10 desktop to touch, gestures, voice, controllers and sensors. Powered by a new rendering engine, Spartan is designed for interoperability with the modern web. We’ve deliberately moved away from the versioned document modes historically used in Internet Explorer, and now use the same markup as other modern browsers. Spartan’s new rendering engine is designed to work with the way the web is written today.

Like Windows 10 itself Spartan will remain up-to-date: as a service, both providing new platform capabilities, security and performance improvements, and ensuring web developers a consistent platform across Windows 10 devices. Spartan and the new rendering engine are truly evergreen.

Source: Microsoft