Microsoft has reportedly acquired the company behind the Pen technology in the Surface Pro 3

Surface-Pro-3-Pen[1]Microsoft has been on a shopping spree lately with some pretty big purchases taking place in the last little while. In the last month alone, the software giant has acquired the popular email company Accompli for over $200 million and has turned it into a world-class Outlook email app which is currently only available on iOS for now.

Just yesterday Microsoft officially confirmed that they’ve purchased popular calendar app Sunrise for over $100 million, and earlier today it was reported that Microsoft has acquired Israeli digital pen maker N-trig for more than $200 million.

N-trig is the company behind the digital Pen technology in the Surface Pro 3 which has received high praise from customers. It looks like Microsoft has been very happy with the switch to N-trig from their offerings on previous Surface Pro models which used Wacom technology.

The software giant is aiming to bring digital inking experiences to more of their products and really pioneering these capabilities. In a recent interview with ABC news, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said something rather interesting. When asked “what he thinks that we rely on, and won’t be around a decade from now” his answer was the fountain pen.  This is pretty interesting as we have known for some time that Microsoft has been investing heavily in this type of technology and acquiring N-trig is a confirmation of that.

Microsoft views digital inking as a very important input method for computing, and just recently, Panos Panay had some pretty interesting things to say to the Wall Street Journal regarding this technology. He also talked about the company’s plans to further enhance this technology and the goal of making the Pen feel as close to writing on paper as possible.

Pianos says “We are 100 percent committed to removing the paradigm that feels like you are writing on glass. We have a lot of technology right now, not only in our labs but also in future generations of development in products that start bringing that pen to life more and more. Getting the pen perfect on the Surface has got a little bit of a ways to go. And we will get there”.

Source: Reuters