Microsoft to enable phones running Windows 10 to connect to peripherals, USB mass storage & Xbox Controllers

usb windows phone1There has been a lot of speculation as to what Windows 10 for phones will offer in terms of productivity as this is a very important mantra for Microsoft. This is something that can really push the platform’s adoption in business, and the software giant has officially unveiled something rather intriguing.

During WinHEC today in China, Microsoft talked up how Windows 10 on mobile devices would interact with USB.  The software giant added support for the new USB type-C standard on Windows 10 for phones, and although it’s much smaller than its type-A counterpart, it offers more power and function.

usb windows phone2 usb windows phone3OEMs building phones running Windows 10 will be able to implement the USB Type-C and enable many device class drivers. Microsoft mentioned USB serial devices, USB Bluetooth and Generic USB Host Drivers, but USB driver installation by the user will not be supported.

This provides many interesting scenarios with Windows 10 for phones, as users will be able to connect many different devices to the phone as shown in the photo above, and even an Xbox controller and an external display.  This falls in line with a previous rumor of the new flagship Lumia having the capability for docking, but this part was left out in discussions with vendors.  However, Microsoft could still provide something comparable with the features mentioned.

Source: Channel 9 via Windows Central