Microsoft plans to significantly speed up the update process on Windows Phone with "Project Milkyway"

windows-phone-8_1-update1During the WinHec conference today Microsoft unveiled its plans to make updates delivered to its phones at a much faster pace with “Project Milkyway”.

Currently, updating Windows Phones is a very slow process, and in many cases it can take months for devices to get updated, and with Project Milkyway Microsoft plans to bring the wait down to 4-6 weeks of release.

project milkyway1 project milkyway2In the slide above, Microsoft outlines the procedure on how this is set to happen, and it depicts various steps that would be taken to get new updates rolled out to Windows phones.  Some of these steps include several carrier-related approvals which makes things a little skeptical since they seem to be the ones slowing things down dramatically, but at least Microsoft has a plan which makes things encouraging.

Source: Channel 9 via Windows Central (images by Windows Central)

Not all Windows Phones will be eligible to receive the first Windows 10 dev preview

windows phonesManager of Windows Insider program, Gabriel Aul tweeted something that Windows Phone users don’t like to hear, which is that not all Windows Phones will be eligible to upgrade to the first consumer release of the Windows 10 Developer Preview for phones.

windows 10 dec preview1Now before you panic, keep in mind that there are a ton of different Windows Phones out there not just from Microsoft/Nokia, but from other OEMs. He did however say that at least one 512MB device will be eligible, at least for 10 dev preview2We’re expecting that Lumia devices will most likely be the first on the list since they represent 95% of all Windows Phones out there, but nothing is certain. We’re also pretty confident that the mid and high-end devices are first on Microsoft’s list for eligibility.

Source: Gabriel Aul on Twitter via WMPoweruser

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Tech preview for phones internally, kills rumors of Feb 4th public release

Windows 10According to reports, Microsoft is presently rolling out the first wave of Windows 10 for phones internally to a select group of testers. This is a group of around one thousand Microsoft employees from various departments and the build made available to them is labeled “Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones (8.15.12492.41).”

Windows Insider program which is available to the public has been a huge success. Over 2 million testers world-wide have signed up for Windows 10 (desktop) Technical Preview and Microsoft has confirmed they’re working on making the Mobile version of their next OS available to the public to preview soon.

How soon is soon? Many folks have speculated the company will officially release the Windows 10 preview for phones on February 4th, but Microsoft’s Gabe Aul who heads the Insider program has killed that rumor today via Twitter. Here is what he had to say about that.

Source: Neowin, @GabeAul

Rumour: Windows 10 on phones to feature PC media streaming & file access, phone calls from Windows 10 PCs

Windows Family

With Microsoft’s recent transformation under Satya Nadella’s leadership, we have seen the company embrace competing platforms in this cloud first mobile first era.  Microsoft has started to deploy many of its first class services on competing platforms, giving less and less reason why one would choose a Windows Phone over iOS or Android.

If we put UIs and hardware aside,  concentrating on apps and services only, a major advantage of owning a Windows Phone is probably Cortana – now that pretty much everything else Microsoft offers is on iOS and Android. With her future presence in Windows 10 and Xbox One combined with  Microsoft’s machine learning intelligence engine, the possibilities are very intriguing as she collects data across all of these devices and possibly even more data points.

Cortana could possibly provide with a glimpse of an AI experience that we’ve seen in Sci-Fi movies in the not so distant future, especially if your house is surrounded with Microsoft devices.  However, many users still don’t care for such things and these possibilities are still yet to be realized.  So what else is so good about being in the Windows ecosystem? Why else would one care about buying a Windows Phone if they can run pretty much all of Microsoft’s services on their iOS or Android device?

Well, it seems that Microsoft is planning on adding some additional benefits to its ecosystem with Windows 10.  According to a rumour which came to Design & Trend from Softpedia, Windows Phone 10 may be ready to preview as early as next month and will feature wireless transfers, media steaming capabilities and the ability to make and receive phone calls from Windows PCs.

Microsoft is striving in providing deeper integration with Windows 10 PCs and phones.  The ability to send and receive files between phones and PCs, or even accessing and editing a Word document on  your phone which is stored on your PCs hard drive will be a seamless experience.  Streaming media from a Windows 10 phone will also be made easy from a Windows 10 based PC.

Perhaps the most interesting feature would be the ability to send and receive phone calls on your PC from Windows 10 phone devices.  This function would be similar to Apple’s new Handoff feature currently between iPad’s, iPhones and MacBook computers.

These new features are only rumours so far, but given what Microsoft has been doing with their new OS so far and the fact that it can run across a staggering array of different device types, these features do not seem far fetched at all.  In fact, we still expect surprises with rich features in this January’s Windows 10 event.

Source: Design&Trend