New information about Microsoft's Spartan browser revealed in leaked screenshots

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Microsoft’s Spartan browser is definitely a highly anticipated feature to Windows 10, and with the recent video from WinBeta showing Cortana integration in action, it’s certainly something were looking forward to getting our hands on.

Although we won’t be able to get our hands on a new build of Windows 10 featuring the Spartan browser since it isn’t available yet, these leaked photos show off some new features which are interesting to see.

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You’ll notice the new reading mode view that’s present, along with some customization options such as the option to show the favorites bar, detecting phone numbers, enabling SmartScreen filter, the option to change your homepage and more.

It’s important to note that this is an early release of the Spartan Browser, and many things can still change, such as the addition and removal of features until its released with Windows 10 later this year.

Source: MSWin, via Pureinfotech

Microsoft's new "Project Spartan" browser will be freed from the buggy legacy code once and for all

Win10_Windows_Spartan_PrintWhen Microsoft first announced its plans to release a whole new web browsing experience called “Project Spartan” many were surprised at the fact, but just recently at the  Windows 10 event, we walked away  very impressed by some of the innovative features Microsoft showed off.

Better tab grouping, use of web page annotations and sharing functions are just some of the features that promise to make surfing faster and a lot more productive compared to many web browsers in the market today. So aside from all the fancy front-end stuff, this light-weight browser will apparently come with a whole new rendering engine called “EdgeHTML”.

Currently Internet Explorer comes with Trident engine that has a lot of backward compatibility/legacy code nested inside – all the way from IE 5.5 to newer IE 10. As you can imagine, legacy code is hard to maintain and web has evolved to the point where most web apps and web sites nowadays can run on the same tech that powers IE 11 – which is what EdgeHTML engine is all about, and more. According to Smashing Magazine, Windows 10 already has EdgeHTML.dll integrated and it will be fully autonomous from Trident (MSHTML.dll).

Jacob Rossi who is Microsoft’s senior engineer in web platforms team, says EdgeHTML will provide for a clean slate as the new codebase will be very lean and legacy support for many useless and extinct features will be abolished once and for all. The senior engineer explains:

“In the coming months, swathes of IE legacy were deleted from the new engine. Gone were document modes. Removed was the subsystem responsible for emulating IE8 layout quirks. VBScript eliminated. Remnants like attachEvent, X-UA-Compatible, currentStyle were all purged from the new engine. The codebase looks little like Trident anymore (far more diverged already than even Blink is from WebKit). What remained was a clean slate. A modern web platform built with interoperability and standards at its core. From there, we began a major investment in interoperability with other modern browsers to ensure that developers don’t have to deal with cross-browser inconsistencies.”

Source: Smashing Magazine

[LEAKED PHOTO] Check out Windows 10's Redesigned Taskbar & Spartan Web Browser

As Microsoft prepares to share consumer features of Windows 10 with the rest of the world at their January 21st event in Redmond, we’re now seeing more and more leaked information about upcoming consumer-oriented OS features.

It’s widely known that Microsoft will release a new web browser with Windows 10. The browser is codenamed “Spartan” and will feature unique inking and Cortana capabilities as well as newly designed (light) UI and improved web surfing performance. Click here for the latest details on Spartan.

Chinese website CNBeta today released a screenshot of what appears to be Windows 10 and its newly designed taskbar as well as Spartan web browser. Check out the leaked photo.

Source: CNBeta