How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business

In today’s world, your business depends on information technology for survival. You exchange data over the internet, store it on your computer or local network, and use it to reach your customers and refine your strategy. When your business’s data needs exceed your existing space, you need a data center to maintain control of your information 24 hours a day.

However, not all data centers offer the same products and services. When you decide to make the move out of your workspace and into a data center, you need to find the center that caters to your business’s budget, data needs, and location.

The following tips will guide you as you choose a reliable data center.

Understand Your Data Needs

Before you outsource your data, take inventory of your company’s needs. Evaluate which of the following factors will impact your everyday work the most, and rate potential data centers based on those factors.


Today, protection for your digital information matters just as much as protection of your physical assets. When you outsource your data storage, make sure your provider has undertaken security measures to guarantee your information stays safe.

Tour the facilities before you make the final decision. Many data centers employ passcodes and locks to keep non-employees away. Others use video surveillance throughout the facilities. Above all else, ask yourself if you feel comfortable entrusting this company with your most sensitive information.


The storage site’s proximity to your business influences your ability to oversee the storage and powering process. Look for a data storage center close to your employees and IT staff so you have the option to make regular visits.

The location of your data center should also protect your servers from natural disasters. When you visit your chosen location, make sure the building’s structure can defend your equipment from inclement weather and prevent fires that pose a threat to your data security.


The physical buildings that house your data need to accommodate your company’s size requirements. Ask yourself how much space you need in the building’s interior, and check the measurements of the data center for your desired square footage.

The building’s features will also influence the efficiency of your data storage. Calculate the amount of power you’ll need per square foot, and ask your provider about the capabilities of the data site nearest you.

Scalability and Cost

As your company continues to grow, you want the assurance that your data provider has the capacity to handle your needs. Before you reach the tipping point, however, you want to select a company that can adjust their services for your company’s size.

Ask your data center if they have customized options for small or midsized companies so you only pay for the precise services you need. Then project out how much additional floor space, power, and connectivity you’ll need in the next three to five years and plan accordingly.


What resources does your data provider have to recover your data in the case of an emergency? What will they do if the server goes offline?

When you encounter problems with your storage or accessibility, make sure you have a contact person who can update you on the server’s status. Don’t overlook the hours of operation at your offsite facility because they affect how often you can personally visit the site in case a problem arises.


For the safety of your company’s data, and for your own personal peace of mind, you want to choose a data center that can install your equipment as quickly as possible.

You also want to ask about the deployment efficiency of your chosen site, since the speed of your infrastructure will influence your day-to-day interactions with your data.

Explore Your Options


Colocation centers provide a viable option for companies that have the necessary storage equipment—but need a bigger facility to house it. If you want to outsource storage of your own data servers, or if you want to pay another company for the power and HVAC requirements, ask your tech company about a nearby colocation center.

If you choose this option, don’t forget to ask your provider if they offer 24/7 power supply. Otherwise, your servers will shut down during the weekend hours when the offsite facility closes its doors.

Meet Me Room

Inside a colocation center, a meet me room designates a separate space for companies to connect and exchange information in one facility. A single connection brings data from the meet me room to your servers in the rest of the data storage center.

Typically, telecommunications companies and other related industries prefer meet me rooms for the convenience of networking data with high bandwidth and low costs.

Cloud Computing

If a physical data storage center doesn’t fit your company’s parameters, you might find cloud computing a feasible alternative. Like a data center, cloud computing stores your information offsite—but uses internet storage rather than a physical facility. IT personnel usually outsource management of cloud services to a third party.

Cloud computing may appeal to your company if you want a more hands-off approach to your data storage and want a scalable option that fits your company’s needs. Keep in mind that unless you have established a private cloud on your business’s network, your resources will reside in the public cloud with those of many other internet users.

Whatever your company’s financial situation and IT services, you can find the data storage solution that’s right for you when you keep these factors and options in mind. Contact your IT specialists for more information on data storage and security.


How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Video sharing has indeed become a super popular aspect of the Internet. It is a process which allows people from various parts of the world to upload video scenes or clips to a particular website on the Internet. The host will then store it on its server. Previously they used to be expensive, but as time has passed by, this whole thing has become free of cost. This concept of video sharing in the last decade was popularized by Youtube, the best website available on the Internet to upload your video.

Youtube was created in the month of February. This company is based in California and uses the flash player to display different kinds of video. People with user accounts can login to their respective Youtube pages and can upload the videos. There are several extensions which are accepted by Youtube, that include .avi, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, DivX, .FLV, .ogg and .ogv. On the other hand, Mp3 files are normal music files with extension .mp3. It is an audio storage and is played with digital audio players that support .mp3 extensions. Generally, a normal mp3 files is of 128 kbps, but some are even of 320 kbps, thus providing better quality of sound.

The recent trade which has been picked up is converting Youtube videos to .mp3 extensions. To do it, what you need to do is, check the URL from the Youtube video which you would like to be changed into an mp3 file. Now copy the actual permalink of that video within the Youtube and stick inside the site’s industry. Now see that there is an option for downloading and switching.

Choose and select the format into which you want the conversion to happen. This may take a bit of time, but it completely depends on the file size and the dimensions of the video. Also the speed of the individual’s Internet connection is a concern for the conversion. Internet connection is a concern for the conversion. This is a general method taking place. But there are several other software packages available on the Internet which helps you with conversion of Youtube videos to mp3 music files. There are three categories in which the switching is divided into:

Conversion Of Youtube Videos To Mp3 Online

A single video can be converted to mp3 using an online service known as Dirpy. All you need to do is to copy and paste the Youtube video URL into the web form on the page of Dirpy. Click on the download link later on. The conversion as well as the download commences at that moment only. Loads of tools are also offered by Dirpy that includes an mp3 tag editor and a transcoder. Video download too takes place which is indeed quite beneficial.

Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 On Your Machine Offline

There are several applications on desktop that offer variety of features which are not provided by the services done online. Most of the application softwares are found on the internet, which need to be downloaded and installed in your computer.

Youtube To Mp3 Converter

This is free software which can be easily downloaded from the Internet. It can be easily found out just by searching with the keyword “youtube to mp3 converter download”. This freeware can be customized by the user if wished to. The program’s interface consists of seven big buttons, a few of the fields and a drop down menu.

There is a plain text box, where the users paste the URL of the video. If you get to see the video in the title field, then download and start the work.

The process is carried on till the conversion takes place. The converted files generally do not possess any kind of errors and played freely. The whole setup is pretty simple and the converted files are generally saved under ‘My documents’ but the source of the video remains same or is retained.  What the user does over here is that, he fills the field in the optional Tags which are kept reserved for artist, title, track etc. The only disadvantage is it does not go hand in hand with the browser, thus picking up of permalink’s will be done from clipboard, thus reducing the cut-copy-paste process.

DamnVid is another Youtube downloader and mp3 converter supported by Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh systems. Videos can be directly converted into mp3 by selecting the same from the right sidebar.  In DamnVid ,it is not possible to copy the URL  directly from Youtube. Development in this regard should have to be done quickly. Also Built in Search option didn’t work out properly when tested. Developments are being made in it so that it can automatically catch any Youtube video URL opened from any web browser. All the softwares would need a minimum of 512 mp ram and would run on each and every operating system.

Bookmarklet Method Of Converting A Youtube Video To Mp3 File

It is another way of doing the conversion from video to audio. This is a bookmark taking place every time you press the bookmark sign near the address bar. This will send the current video page directly to Dirpy.  The whole process happens in a flash and the video is converted. Bookmarks have become hugely popular, but people would need to have respective plugins before inviting them to their house.

Youtube video conversion to mp3 music files is vastly popular today. It has created a stir, suppose if there is a song that is not part of an album, you can get it on youtube and convert it to .mp3. All the points mentioned are extremely useful. But the problem is, it is for windows. If there is a need to do it for mac then- launch special Youtube converter for mac, select mp3 format as the format of the output and start the conversion. All these would guide you towards the completion of the video conversion in a corrective approach. Hence do not worry and think twice just try for it.

How to Flip Websites For Instant PayPal Cash

This technique of attempting to sell web sites became certainly one of my personal favorite methods for generating massive income online. Yes there’s work incorporate, but it is not that hard and it’s even quite enjoyable carrying it out because you understand with 100per cent certainty that you’ll generate income. So how do you begin website flipping? Initial step is to find a niche. I’m sure lots of people get stuck up in niche study. Usually do not overthink this. Simply go to eBay, amazon or ClickBank to see just what products are hot-sellers and choose any certain niche. You may also sign up for as they will send you a niche every day. They will present a specific search term to focus on. The next step should be to do a keyword study to expand in your niche. You need to use the infamous Google search term device because of this. Get a hold of associated keywords having a good search on a monthly basis (about 1000 queries monthly ). Pick 15-20 associated keywords that came across these requirements.

The next step normally essential. You have to purchase a keyword-rich domain name. This will add price towards purchase and help with search engine results positioning. So it is really crucial to make use of one of the keywords for the domain name. Once you have signed up a domain to or any domain enrollment internet sites, the 4th step should be to create your content web site. Today if you do not have hosting however, you will need to setup a hosting account. You can find a lot of inexpensive hosting on the web. You can look at HostGator or Bluehost. For your content web site, you can get your template at Today after you have a template, it’s time to begin creating your content. The things I generally do is develop one article for every search term. So if you have actually 15 keywords, you will need to write 15 articles with 350 to 500 words. Do not panic if you are not an innovative blogger. Simply do your homework and find associated articles towards niche and rewrite them is likely to words. It doesn’t must be fancy. Right to the main point is always great. Today for the article, make sure your search term can be found in the title or heading of this article and really should be mentioned about three times into the article and once into the starting section and once into the heading.

Thoughts is broken done with the information, you are able to place your articles to your website. One article per page. The very first page need to have this article of this search term into the domain name it self. I might additionally advise that you put a web link to an affiliate item pertaining to your niche. By doing this you are additionally maximizing the earnings for the buyer. Always placed AdSense on the website also for the next revenue stream.

Today get your web site up-and begin attempting to sell on online forums like or A website with original content can sell from $200 to $300 per web site. Simply do your homework very first which means you understand how much your competition are recharging for similar. Naturally, only rinse and repeat to redouble your earnings!

How To See Instagram Stalker

This article will show you how to see Instagram Stalkers. Instagram is a social media site that allows you to make a profile, upload your photos, and then allow other people to follow you or add you to their favorite lists.

When people see your Instagram page they will be curious about who you are and what you are doing. Some people will be following you on Instagram because they trust that you are not stalking them, and then others will follow you because they want to see who else is on your page. They may want to follow you for various reasons like to get to know you better, or maybe even just to keep an eye out for people like them to take advantage of when they get bored and wander away from their friends.

But there is more to it than just “follow me”I hope you enjoy my pictures.” There are a lot of people that have been stalked on Instagram and it is a growing problem that can leave you with serious mental scars.

So how do you get to know someone who has been stalked on Instagram? The best way is to report the person to the Instagram service itself and to the police as well, but if you do not want to do all of that you can get around it by looking through the person’s other accounts.

If you think you have found an Instagram Stalker, you should start by deleting all of their pictures and videos from the account. Do not delete any of their friends from the account either because you don’t want to get caught. You can also report them to the Instagram service itself so they can look into this person’s account and determine if this person is a stalker.

Another thing that you should do if you find one of these stalkers is called the Instagram service right away. This is so that they can find the people who posted those pictures and videos and take action on them. But you should also do this as quickly as possible because if this stalker doesn’t stop after deleting all of their photos and videos then it may not be worth it to you to contact them anymore.

It is important to note that it will take time to know if you are doing things correctly when you learn how to see Instagram Stalker stalkers. The faster you get to it the sooner you will get to a solution.

Remember that the social media service Instagram is still new and that many people use it to stalk people in the hopes that this will make them look bad and get them fired from their job. Don’t give them that chance.

You can even report this person for stalking because Instagram is a public website that anyone can use. This means that you can report this person to Facebook too because they are using their account to stalk others and they should be reported to Facebook for it as well.

The best way to get to know an Instagram Stalker is to report them to the Instagram service as soon as possible. This means that if they are really a stalker they will be gone before you know it. Also, the better they know you the faster you get them the better.

They will just move onto someone else and keep coming back until you report them. So, if you get to know one of these stalkers the better your chances of being successful are going to be, so be sure to use these tips and start following up the person right away.

Once you have them blocked or removed from the account, it is time to let your guard down and ask the stalker about their life. You can be smart about it and try to get to know them in private and see what kind of person they are really.

Apple TV downloading is a sluggish affair

I set up my first Apple TV over the past weekend and learned about a great free resource for business news, included on the device. I also learned that everything Apple makes is faster at downloading content that you purchase.

The Apple TV, version 3 and the size of a hockey puck, arrived on the market this spring sporting a faster chip inside, HD enhancements plus a few new information resources. One pleasant surprise to me was Wall Street Journal video reports, streaming and free via the dead-simple channel changer interface off the Apple TV home page.

Streaming content, whether it’s from YouTube, Netflix or WSJ, is the fastest way to get whatever you want to see onto your flatscreen TV. It’s especially worthwhile to do this if you’re in recreation mode, where the new 1080p HD is supported by version 3’s Apple TV. Netflix hums nicely and arrives in HD.

Painfully slower: viewing anything you’ve purchased via Apple’s iTunes store. It makes no sense, but you endure a wait of 20-30 minutes while a movie or TV show downloads — even if you’ve bought it and stored it on a Mac in your home. The reason why is that Apple’s shipping the TV with just 8 GB of flash memory. That’s right: The amount of memory that your camera maker wouldn’t dare ship you on an SD card in the box.

Your average TV show comes in at about 2-3 GB, and a movie is right around the same size. Not much elbow room there, and there’s no file storage controls on the TV. So Apple’s decided that your $99 Apple TV doesn’t need to know about more than one episode at a time. Forget that marathon where you and your sweetie hunker down on a weekend to watch all 9 Downton Abbey episodes. Unless you’ve got the half-hour in-between each one to spare. The cut-rate storage and control design is one reason why Apple’s still got to call the TV a hobby. Continue reading Apple TV downloading is a sluggish affair

Options for the Best Holiday Shopping Trip to Choose a Train Table

A few trains and bits of track will never be more at home than on their own table Most kids , whether they are a boy or a girl, experience a phase where they are fascinated with trains. For a few this is just a transitory fancy, for others it is only the beginning of a life long love affair.

If your tot is simply infatuated with trains then there could be no more wonderful gift for Christmas than a train table. A train all by itself is a wonderful token . It is the perfect indoor version of the popular outdoor version of pedal trains. The tracks and multiple cars make it an even better token , but a train table are to train sets what sprinkles are to ice-cream sundaes and donuts. It is just that something more that makes all the difference.

Toddlers have squander the last several months determined to lift their floor bound status. A train table permits them to stand and play, which is what most of them want to be doing anyway: playing and standing.

Toddlerhood also indicates the beginning of creative play. Little ones who have the train bug will be able embark to places mysterious and let their imaginations run free. The table allows for them to check over their domain, congregate all the pieces together in easy reach and keep it intact . Toddlers who have the whole room for their trains to wander often end up losing their toys as they play.

It might take several minutes or hours of looking to find the favorite engine that your creative tot put to ’sleep’ in the heat register. Having a table not only determines boundaries, but also a hub point for play. Your tot is less likely to wander , dispersing toys as she goes. (The pedal car train is less likely to get lost.)

Well, certainly some of the time you will save in not needing to bring together in the lost toys is a benefit to both parent and child. There is more in it for you too. While kids may love to play trains, they usually lack the skill to put up the tracks without undue frustration. This indicates mom will need to do it for them every time they play. Mom and dad are energized to help, but it is not continuously convenient. A train table permits you to set up a track once, and keep it in place ready for play at all times. All your tiny conductor needs to do is announce the all aboard signal and go!

If you are considering a token of a train set for your child research train tables as well. Lots of train tables come with a train set, painted scenery and storage bins . Prices are frequently surprisingly reasonably priced especially during holiday sales. If your tot really is hooked on trains the phase is likely to stick and getting a train table along with a large set might end up being the most affordable way to put up a train collection. All aboard for a Cheerful Christmas – whether it be with the small scale table top trains or the large scale pedal trains!

Online Privacy War: The Solution Is Simple

In the ongoing saga of internet privacy, Google, Facebook and Apple are seeing more and more groups wanting government legislation requiring the internet behemoths and any others who track private information to stop what they are doing. For those who don’t want to wait for legislation there is the option of litigation and it appears quite a few law offices will be making some money with this option in the upcoming years.

So what’s the big deal recently about online privacy?

Privacy concerns online aren’t new but as Facebook and Google especially offer advertisers a way to hone in on their marketing to niche audiences instead of mass marketing it’s something more are becoming aware of. Media outlets everywhere are talking about the invasion every time one of the ‘big guys’ of the internet ups the ‘follow you around’ ante. It happens frequently and we can blame the big corporations with billions of dollars to spend on advertising for it all.

Capitalism is based on the law of supply and demand: we’ll supply it if you demand it. Corporations have found though that with the proper marketing they can now change that principle. They instead advertise you must have it and only we can provide it therefore making it necessary to change other marketing strategies too.

It used to be that if a business was to advertise they flooded the airwaves and print with ads hoping they’d find the right people to buy what it was they sold. When online organizations started selling advertising it was based on the same principle: inundate everyone! That quickly changed when programmers were able to find a way to track who was buying or looking for what, where they were looking and how often they were talking about it.

This then created the lightbulb going off over someone’s head effect. If we can specifically track buying habits, we can in turn let advertisers know who to zone in on in their marketing for a better return on marketing dollar investment and we ourselves can charge more for it too making OUR return on investment higher. It was a win/win scenario for all the businesses involved. Unfortunately it turned into a losing state of affairs for us, the consumer.

As with most things that start off with good intentions, along the way the ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’ approach takes over. Most of us didn’t care when about someone listening when we talked on Facebook or know what we searched for when using Google. After a while that information would be purged and it was kind of nice to see ads for things that we might be interested in purchasing. Then we found out that big corporations wanted more specific information for their marketing so the online ‘big guys’ complied by checking your online habits even more.

Now we’ve come to the point where there is hardly a place you be online without being tracked in some manner or another. Where will it end? The days of Orwell’s 1984 can’t be that far off. Certainly there are privacy statements available to be read so that legally it can be done, but is that enough?

With telephones you have the option of ‘Do Not Call’ to keep the telemarketers away. Since technology gives us the ability to track and disseminate our online habits, it would certainly be possible to devise a program that would give those of us who choose the option to ‘Do Not Track’. Think of all the hassle that would eliminate. Corporations both online and offline might lose a few bucks in the process while lobbyists and attorneys will have to find another source of income, but in the end the right of privacy will be put back in the hands of the people.

What do you think? Is a ‘Do Not Track’ option something you’d like to see available or am I just out in left field? Let’s talk about it.

Obtain the Best Deals for Top of the Class Laptop computers

Obtaining the finest laptop discounts is probably the ultimate target of a individual that is organizing to acquire a notebook. However, when you strategy on getting a laptop, you not just merely would like to locate the lowest priced probable notebook offered but additionally desire to make sure that you go for a laptop computer that is in sound condition and also is certainly not obsolete. Gadgets and also electronics are produced in a method in which suppliers can easily improve the idea to a whole new amount manifestation the previous style to be useless. That is exactly why shelling out much on laptop computers and also computers is not really a good plan. Due to the fact 2-3 years from currently, you will find yourself needing to purchase a brand new one that is quicker jam-packed with capabilities and will also be capable to assist you carry out your hob more proficiently.

Presently there are a couple of methods on just how you can save insert of funds in purchasing notebook computers. One is trough acquiring second hand laptops and the some other is through getting the idea online during Cyber Monday.

The first alternative sounds a minor off of. Some people will find it unattractive to acquire used cars and the thought of acquiring used laptop computers is even worse. Nonetheless, of you are merely mindful adequate; you will have the ability to come across money saving deals on used laptops.

The key in buying a used vehicle laptop computers is to very carefully look at the product or service prior to you invest in the idea. This approach when right now there are any kind of destruction or whether it offers a number of functions that you hate, you can just make a decision not to acquire this or you could get much more special discounts.

Your second option will likely be to wait around and purchase laptop computers on Cyber Mondays. Cyber Monday’s are estimate popular in offering excellent savings on various merchandise this sort of as Television sets and Lcd tvs, computers, notebooks, video cameras and a lot more. You will likely be shocked of just how much you can help to conserve in purchasing this neat goods during a cyber monday. The gives relevant information on how you will get the greatest laptop computer offers available. To find out regarding cyber Monday, you can click on Below you will find the Cyber Monday Laptop Deals 2011 – Best Computer Discounts of a Year. Get the top deals now.

Choose a Right Reverse Mortgage Option

Just think about it that your age is more than 62 years and you will be pay for the rest of your lifetime. Sounds crazy but it is possible by a loan acquiring method which is named as Reverse Mortgage Loan. You can have a loan against the current market value of your home and repay back until your death or you move out.

If you are a senior citizen with your own home and are not able to work then it will come with lots of advantages to you. The Reverse Mortgage is very different from the Conventional Mortgage where the loan owner pays monthly extinguish payment to the lender. In conventional Mortgage after every payment, the equity of the owner increases by the sum of the initial principal included in the recompense amount. Your property is released in the Simple Mortgage after the Mortgage is paid completely.

The Difference Between Conventional And Reverse Mortgage

The reverse Mortgage has different types of condition and terms. Nothing will be taken by the homeowner but the property of owner goes to the lender or to the HUD department. Here HUD means the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Reverse Mortgage is for the people who are older than 62 years. In Reverse Mortgage you will receive monthly payments for specific time or may be your lifetime for mortgaging your home or property. This scheme is offered to those citizens who have their own house and this home would be later the property of paying authority.

In other Mortgage plans you must pay your debt money to the lender. In Reverse Mortgage you can exploit the market value of your home into ready money and instead of repaying loan every month; you can get monthly payments by the lender. This is the growing trend in the developed countries which has many advantages with almost zero risk factor. Every mortgaging scheme comes up with both the aspects to it few advantages and few disadvantages. If you want these types of services then consult with the trusted advisors, be informed before entering in the Reverse Mortgage system. This is preeminent opportunity for those who are 70 years or elder and have a staunch to stay in their homes. For those who don’t have the savings to cover their expenses – the Reverse Mortgage loan is one of the best options.

Tough Side of Reverse Mortgage Plan –Be Careful

The other side of this loan is that the lenders can shell out to you the exact value of your home or property after which they can throw you away from your own homes. Lots of scandals and frauds are being detected in the market so if you need the Reverse Mortgage Loan then first you should meet the trusted consultant who can cost you about 100 to 200 dollars. Then he/she will advise you or will arrange a meeting with the Reverse Mortgage lender. With the fixed interest rate you will get your loan proceeds in single lump sum payment. This totally depends on the regulations and the terms of the Reverse Mortgage that how you want to be paid by the lender. The Reverse Mortgage broker or lender can give you monthly payments or line of credit. So make the most of the reverse mortgage.

Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5s V2

For the most slim case for Apple iPhone 5 which is the Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 (V2) a person wanting to install it will never require the help of any screws or any complicated adhesives which are the biggest combination for disaster and damage to the elegant and delicate build of the exquisite Apple iPhone 5. The revolutionary material used in i5 Slimline Case is Tight Stretch Silicone Polymer which makes sure that the case stays firmly in place and does not even slightly impair the brand new and original premium feel given by the Apple iPhone 5. This innovative new ultra slim case for Apple iPhone 5 has some solid designing work in port access area and comes sporting a truly delightful integrated volume switch and an integrated sleep awake button.

Often the corners are the most delicate features of the Apple iPhone 5 and are prone to external damages most often. But with the slim case for Apple iPhone 5 which is the Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 (V2) such fears are rendered unnecessary by the precision engineering of our capable and qualified designers an engineers who incorporated reinforced ribbed corners so as to impart even more protection to the especially delicate corners of the Apple iPhone 5. Protection and preservation goes one notch higher with the i5 Slimline Case’s aluminum side inlays for added protection and only top quality aircraft grade aluminum is used in every case made by Casemachine for its Apple iPhone 5 customers. Casemachine has always been obsessed about dealing with top quality fibers and materials and hence it uses Alcantra suede back plate in this design of the i5 Slimline Case for the users of Apple iPhone 5.

This slim case for Apple iPhone 5 which is the Casemachine i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 (V2) comes with superior aluminum side plates fully integrated in the tough case and features the Stretch Tight silicone based frame. The silicone used in the new i5 Slimline (V2) cases for the Apple iPhone 5 maintains an attractive yet fully functional hyperfine width quite unlike its predecessor. The reinforced corners not only corner protecting but also contribute to a tighter and even holding grip which prevents falling. The traditional carbon fiber back plate takes a back seat in this i5 Slimline Case for Apple iPhone 5 for the more robust Alcantra suede back plate which is stylish. The simple and easily installable slip on features of this designer case is one of the greatest selling points for people looking for good protection with easily maintained cases which virtually need no tools since absolutely any screws or adhesives have ever been required to set up the case in the first place. Casemachine gives you immense opportunities to experiment with color and overall look of your iPhone 5 by giving you exceptionally thought out ten colors from palette inspired by color palettes used in top most Italian sports car manufacturing brands. It’s high time you gave up worrying and entrusted the care of your iPhone 5 to Casemachine.


Solid port access design

Integrated logo volume switch

Integrated sleep/awake power button

Reinforced ribbed corners for even more protection

Aircraft grade aluminum side protection inlays

StretchTight silicon frame with integrated billet aluminum side plates

Available in 9 colors and many color combinations

Included interchangeable “Dimensional Backplate”

No screws, slip on assembly

Casemachine’s renowned phone case for the Apple iPhone 5, named the i5 Slimline v2 was released earlier in June this year for pre-orders worldwide. The case is expected to see an increase in demand by Apple’s loyal customers following mid-summer as anticipation for the much awaited Apple iPhone 5S creates hype in the market.

“Got my Casemachine’s i5 Slimline v2 case for Apple iPhone 5. You guys are awesome! Lovesss it! Honestly I have never been so excited about a damn iPhone case ha.”