Microsoft scores big with CDI College and Surface 2!

Graduates in Cap and Gown

CDI College, the forerunner of career training in Canada, will be equipping their students with more than 5,800 Surface 2 tablets by summer of 2014.  The Surface was chosen as the main tool to enhance the educational experience for students across all programs and campuses. In a recent pilot program, conducted in Ajax Ontario, the students gained valuable skills that will seamlessly translate to their careers post-graduation. According to Microsoft, students used their Surface devices to do the following:

• Access the college’s Learning Management System, course materials and assignments online
• Access and read their e-books
• Communicate with faculty and fellow students through email, chat and Skype
• Save and share files with OneDrive or with the integrated USB 3.0 port
• Use Office 2013 to complete class assignments and activities
• Submit assignments for classes and real-time peer review
• Use additional apps such as Flash Cards and Nurse Tabs

CDI College sets out to prepare students for future success with experience they can provide them with today. They want to give them the best and latest tools in technology to teach them extensive skills they can apply as technology continues to grow. This is why the Surface was the perfect choice according to Dr. Bohdan Bilan, vice president of Academics and Regulatory Affairs at CDI College.

A huge benefit to using a device like the Windows 8.1 RT operating system is to offer students a well-rounded and integrated experience. Students will have all the multitasking capabilities they need across all applications to make completing their course work and readings more efficient than ever. Students can watch videos and takes notes at the same time using the OneNote app.

The USB and the HD video out port makes it easy to connect to secondary devices like printers. The Surface is very conducive and practical for all programs that CDI offers. Students studying healthcare will have access to varies anatomy and physiology apps and students in business or accounting can utilize Office RT suite to make spreadsheets, reports and presentations. Students are excited to be able to take more detailed notes, with photos and highlighting tools and take advantage of the spilt screen option. It will also be a great tool for faculty, allowing them to better interact with students and provide feedback during and after classes.

Source: Microsoft New Centre