Cortana now predicts Barclays Premier League derby results; picks Liverpool to beat Everton

Cortana-Premier-League-predictionCortana has gained a lot of popularity and world-wide attention when she correctly predicted 15 out of 16 matches in last year’s World Cup final round of 16. Microsoft’s personal assistant on Windows Phone also pegged the The New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLIX, which they did against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday.

The Windows Phone and Bing teams at Microsoft continue to delight us with Cortana’s capabilities. Cortana is now capable of predicting upcoming Premier League matches as the two major Premiership derbies are kicking off this weekend.

Cortana’s future-seeing abilities are based on Bing’s prediction engine which uses cloud processing and machine learning as it takes into account many factors in real-time. Some of the key factors that Bing and Cortana use to create these predictions includ trending related search terms, player and team statistic, player injuries, home-field advantage, the weather and many many more.

As for the upcoming football matches, Cortana has picked Liverpool to beat Everton with Liverpool having 12.5% higher chances to win. Additionally, according to Microsoft, “Cortana has also predicted that Arsène Wenger’s resurgent Arsenal will continue their dominance over Tottenham in the North London derby this weekend, with a 13.1% greater chance of victory.”

You can keep track of all of the current and upcoming Premier League derby predictions simply by asking Cortana questions such as:

– Predict (insert team name) match

– Who will win the match between (insert team name) and (insert team name)?

– Will (insert team name) beat (insert team name)?

Source: Microsoft

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