Netflix update (4.0) for Windows Phone brings Cortana, New UI and Profile selection

netflix40-screenshot-windows-phoneGreat news for those who love to watch endless hours of movies and TV shows on the most popular streaming service in the world, Netflix.

The video content giant has released a large update to their Windows phone app today, first time since January. The app is now filled with features that iOS and Android users have enjoyed for a while but Netflix adds a little extra for Windows Phone users – Cortana has been integrated into the app so you can ask things like “Netlfix find Family Guy”.

New user experience, refreshed application tile and ability to select user profiles has also been added to the release. Now you can enjoy Netflix to its fullest potential!

Here is the full list of updates that come with Netflix

• New User experience
• Profile selection
• Post-play
• Better video quality
• Application tile
• Content pinning
• Cortana search

Download Netflix for Windows Phone via WindowsCentral (+image)

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