An arrest over Xbox Live and PSN outages was made in the UK

lizard squad
Photo Credit: The Daily Dot

For those of you who experienced Xbox Live and PSN outages for Christmas due to DDoS attacks by  a group that calls themselves Lizard Squad, you may be interested to note that an arrest has been made in the UK relating to those particular events.

The Daily Dot has posted arrest documents for a Vinnie Omari, which has been accused of “hacking of the Playstation Network and Xbox Live systems over the Christmas Period”.   He was arrested on Monday after British law enforcement agents raided his home.

In addition, another member of the Lizard Squad living in Finland is also being investigated for his role in the attack.  While yet a third known member of the Lizard Squad that goes by the name of “dragon” says that these attacks on Sony and Microsoft were simply a  “huge marketing scheme” for Lizard Stresser.

Lizard Stresser is a service which was launched this past Tuesday and allows other customers to use this hacking group’s technology to launch the same DDoS attacks on their targets of choice.  Prices for these attacks range from $50 to $500 depending on the length of the attack.

Source: The Daily Dot Via Windows Central

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