Kinect for Xbox One to go on sale on October 7th and retail for $149.99


It appears that the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor may have been worth more than the $100 we all thought, making the $499 price tag of the Xbox One with Kinect a pretty good deal. Microsoft has now confirmed it will begin selling the standalone Kinect sensor on October 7th and it will come with a new Dance Central Spotlight game, and retail for $149.99.  This would actually end up costing users who bought a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One $50 more when buying the Kinect Sensor separately.  It’s worth mentioning that this is the same price the original Kinect came in at as well when it first launched.

It appears that availability will initially be for US only since there is no mention of other markets.

Kinect can be a wonderful tool for people who like to interact with their Xbox One with voice commands, and to this day it can still feel surreal at times.  Microsoft has been steadily updating Kinect and its voice commands, making the experience better and better each time.  Using Kinect to broadcast your games on Twitch is a fantastic experience and works with just saying “Xbox Broadcast”.  It’s the little things that can make a difference, and as far as voice commands go Kinect is a fantastic tool.

However, Kinect is considered to be the main reason the Xbox One is trailing behind its rival PlayStation 4 when it comes to sales, as it’s the reason why the Xbox carried a $100 higher price tag.  Xbox One is now available to purchase without Kinect, but if you think you may be interested in purchasing it in the future, we suggest you fork out a little extra cash now and buy the console version with Kinect, otherwise you would be paying $50 more.

11 thoughts on “Kinect for Xbox One to go on sale on October 7th and retail for $149.99”

  1. It may have cost more to develop, but I think they will have few takers at $149.99 since even sold with the XB1 it only cost $100. Now that they want to resell it as a stand alone peripheral that is $50 more expensive than when it was included? Where is the logic in obtaining the consumer desire for this device when they had little desire for it when it cost $100?

    1. Well the logical thing here is for people who want the x1 and the kinect they would see more value on the bundle, if they want the kinect or the x1 alone they end up paying more. X1 alone is also 50 bucks too expensive. Maybe on year 2 if things come back around they can offer more competitive prices, right now it just feels like they are trying to make up for the investment made rather than trying to compete.

      1. It is debatable whether the XB1 is too expensive or not. Not sure that is true. Microsoft’s main problem isn’t hardware it is attitude.

    2. Desire is something you have to create. I know people think that the Ps4 is just auto desire and people just want it just because, or because all the PR and power and resolution arguments. No…. Ps4 is desired because its built on the backs of great consoles that came before it. Sony has never made a bad console and the masses no that even other companies make arguably better consoles it wont hinder the confidence people have in the brand.

      Now with Kinect being sold separately as well as stand alone MS makes an opportunity to sell kinect. I and lots of people that have the new kinect use it everyday. I have no doubt that the kinect is one of the most advanced pieces of technology that has been made available to the consumer market in decades. Dont let the gaming media hive mind fool you. They get a hard on bashing kinect but good tech is good tech. As they develop apps games and enhanced features for the product it will eventually whittle down the non sense. How many years are we going to hear kinect doesnt work when its been working for a majority of its owners since day one.

      I have have always said MS only needs to make 3 games for kinect to break the hate and lunacy.

      1) a puzzle game ore RTS that uses kinect exclusively. Voice commands and gesture controls.

      2) a shooter with a competitive MP that is either fully kinect controlled or kinect enhanced.

      3) a boxing game…. and not some mini game but a full fledged boxing game. Something along the lines of Fight Night.

  2. Everything Microsoft sell is overpriced. It’s an embarrassing attempt to copy the apple business model. Stupid people assume that more expensive means better quality.

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