Microsoft to announce new Xbox One dashboard at January event?


Update: Microsoft’s January event is confirmed and is scheduled for January 21, 2015

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft will be holding a large-scale event in January, 2015 to showcase Windows 10 features and perhaps release a Consumer Preview version of its upcoming OS.

Another interesting bit of information circling around is that the Redmond-based software company may also release details on a brand new Xbox One Dashboard at the same event, perhaps to make the Xbox One experience more in-line with Windows 10 and to be able to run Universal apps on the console.

While these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed yet, Microsoft is expected to release a statement regarding this event sometime in December. Stay tuned as we keep a close eye on these developments.

17 thoughts on “Microsoft to announce new Xbox One dashboard at January event?”

  1. Hope this plan works out for them. Not as a concern for them as a company, but OS convergence can bring more games to all of their platforms (and quicker) which is a great thing for gamers.

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