Watch "Remaking The Legend – Halo 2 Anniversary Announce Trailer"

remaking-the-legends-halo-2-annaversaryIn anticipation of this year’s blockbuster Halo: The Master Chief Collection which will feature the remaking of every single Halo game released so far as well as access to the Halo 5 Beta, Microsoft has released the announce trailer for an upcoming documentary titled “Remaking The Legend” which will be coming soon only on Xbox One. The documentary will primarily focus on the remaking of Halo 2 which gets a special treatment as part of the Halo Collection being released worldwide on November 11th.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that pre-order and pre-download of the game set is available for the hard-core gamers who don’t want to miss a beat and get into the action the minute November 11th hits.

Have a look below at the Remaking The Legend trailer.

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